Five months!

I have finally wrapped up all of my doctor visits for the year and am happy to say I do not need to go back to Iowa City for FIVE months!! I am ecstatic and will give a quick update on how things went at my last appointment!

I just had a follow up on my SVC stents and initially I was a little concerned on what they might see. I did end up testing positive for covid back in November and while I did have some challenging days of symptoms, I was able to call my doctor in Iowa City and get on nebulizer breathing treatments. I monitored my oxygen, took my supplements and tried to stay as active as my body allowed….but still had a lot of down time!

My husband and kids had covid as well so isolation went out the window and it was nice to get some snuggle time in with them again…

Thankfully the kids had minor symptoms that lasted less than a day but Tim is still struggling with breathing and fatigue over a month later.

I got over the rona pretty quickly but was eager to see what my scans would show once I got to the hospital. I had been praying that my good lung would still be clear of damage whether from my fm or the covid! Once I got through all of the screening, the IV was in…

…and the scans were completed! I waited for the doctor to come in and discuss the results but the first thing he mentioned was me having covid and he was happy to hear I had gotten through it okay. We discussed the lingering effects my husband had and I joked that this old one lunger handled it better than him haha! The doctor shared how they are learning more about this sickness as time passes and are discovering that some patients have been developing blood clots. He suggested the fact that I am already on a baby aspirin and plavix for blood thinners along with starting my nebulizer treatments right away might have played a role in my quick recovery! I agree but also…😉

My doctor reviewed my scans and confirmed no lasting signs from the covid! And while my fm had slight progression like usual, it wasn’t enough for angioplasty so all looked well and I don’t have to go back for six months!!! That means for all of my specialists that I see…it will be five months before I have to go back to see any doctor for an appointment!!

I also had my diabetic appointment last week and after my sugars had been absolutely crazy high and all over the place while I was sick…

they are finally back in to range and I won’t have to worry about seeing my endocrinologist until February!

As for the rest of our time, the kids and I are still doing school at home and I thank the Lord every day for our continued eager hearts to learn!

Even if we learn in our own style…

So that’s it for now…I just wanted to share a quick update on where things are at with my health. While we are extremely grateful that 2020 did not impact our family as drastically as some, our hearts are heavy for our friends who have experienced hard circumstances this past year and we will continue to lift all of you up in prayer.

Praying strength for each passing day and peace in the midst of your struggle. May you all remember the beautiful gift of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior this Christmas and have a blessed New Year💕💕

4 thoughts on “Five months!

  1. Suzan Bienfang says:

    Becky you are one special lady! I tried to comment on your post but it didn’t let me. Anyway how thankful to get good reports from your Doctors! I will be praying for Tim and that he will be fully recuperated. You are a true blessing and great example of living your life for God! Be the good teacher and enjoy those special moments. Love to all of you and Merry Christmas!!

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