With a heavy heart

I am extremely sad to say that a member of my FM family has just passed away.  I joined a fibrosing mediastinitis support group through yahoo when I was first diagnosed back in 2002 and then joined a group through Facebook. David Rye was a member and the stories of his pain and suffering were beyond what anyone could imagine however he still managed to make us laugh and encourage us even on the toughest of his days.  So many times he has been able to answer questions that I had as well as to know what I was going through and offer support or advice to all of us.  He is the example of a true fighter because so many times he said he would never go down without a fight and that is exactly what he did is fight all the way.  This is extremely hard on me as he was one of the first people I met with this hateful disease and has inspired me with his silly posts and knowledge of FM!  David was only 41 and has a little boy and a wife so please keep his family and friends in your prayers.

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