And the surgery date is set….but still so many unanswered questions

I walked back in to the Sports Medicine Clinic today not really wanting to be there at all.  I at least had confidence that after my phone call from Carol last week with the disappointment in her office, that I would be in and out for my MRI….wrong!!  The nurse took my sheet that I filled out in regard to all of the metal in my body and then visited with me for a bit about the symptoms I’ve been having with my right leg.  He went back to the room to get things ready and then came back out saying “we have a few problems”.  I didn’t even respond and just looked at him.  He went on to say the first was an easy fix as the order was written for my left leg so he would have the doctor rewrite it.  However, I also needed to have labs done for the MRI and since they do not draw blood I was going to have to drive over to the hospital and then come back.  This did not fly with me and I knew I was just being tested again….and yep, once again I failed!

I instantly got upset and said I did not understand why this clinic had such a hard time getting my tests ordered.  I pointed out how extremely unorganized they were from the first appointment I had and questioned how the entire office can have such a poor lack of communication.  I explained I had just had the labs done at Covenant hospital along with the MRA, which was ordered from this doctor.  The nurse said they did not have those results and I once again said it was just done last week.  He went to go visit with the doctor then came back and said he had all of the paperwork from Covenant however not the lab report.  I basically told him if I had to leave to get blood drawn, I would not be back for the MRI….and he left again.  Shortly after, he showed me to the room and said they would get the results from Covenant…and I went and did the MRI!

As I was leaving he apologized once again and said he was sorry for getting me worked up.  I said “oh no, that wasn’t me worked up” then hesitantly thanked him and left.  I really hope I don’t have to go back there!!

I then went over to their other clinic to do the ultrasound of my leg.  After driving up and down the street for over 10 minutes and not finding the office, I called the clinic and realized the name was different.  I was able to drive right back to the clinic because it was indeed the big building I had been driving by and stopping in front of to try to figure out where it was.  It simply had a different name on the outside.  As I finished the ultrasound the nurse said the doctor will call me with the results later today, and then followed with saying if it was anything too serious she would not be able to let me leave, indicating she had not seen anything on the ultrasound that needs immediate attention.

So 5pm came and went but I did not receive a call from the doctor on any results from either test….so maybe tomorrow I will hear something.  Now I am back at that bitter sweet spot where the MRI is the only test left to show if something is wrong with my leg.  If that turns out okay then I am back at a stand still with not knowing what is causing the pain, however if it comes back that there is something wrong, then I am more likely faced with more tests and inconvienent appointments.

I did also get a call for my stents and am scheduled to go back in to surgery on Thursday February 26th.  Due to me being the most complicated case, I will be the first surgery of the day so I will be arriving early.  They asked me several questions about my heart then informed me that unlike going to interventional radiology like I always do, I will be going to the adult cardiac area to have the procedure.  I asked why this was and she said they would have more cameras and simply be more equip for whatever I might need during the procedure.  She also informed me that there will be three doctors.  I guess with three doctors, they can’t go wrong right?

And the last phone call for the day came from my pulmonologist in regard to a lot of questions I had about the progression of my disease, how fast it might be progressing and if I should be concerned that my stents in my pulmonary artery did not stay open longer than 6 months.  He began with saying I would need additional testing in regard to my “condition”.  He said as far as determining the progression of my disease, I would also need to do some more scans such as a ct scan to determine just how fast my FM is progressing as the last scan they had was from 2013.  He also said as far as my stents becoming narrow so fast, it could be from my FM growing, however he also said there are other factors to be considered but did not elaborate. They will not know for sure until they do the surgery and see.  Unfortunately this was a message left by him as I had missed his call but at least I know he is not ignoring me and is trying to find the answers.

So, no news on my leg, no news on my heart, but I am scheduled for my surgery and it is in the cardiac unit. This is different than I have done in the past, so it is hard not to be a little concerned about what they might find…or what they might be looking for.

I guess we will wait and see what tomorrow brings. By the way, whoever’s praying for me to have patience…please stop 😜

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