Pointless, Unless It Brings A Smile

So, I will tell you right now, if you don’t want to waste five or ten minutes of your life….stop reading here! There have been a lot of hard days, weeks and months going on and sometimes it feels like there’s a new battle every day for someone so this blog is absolutely pointless. Just think I will share my day in hopes to give people a chuckle!

First off, as I’m getting oatmeal made for the kids, I turn around just in time to see Asher drinking water and attempting to spit it across the dining room floor! Instantly I yelled “no” wondering where on earth he learned that from! Not even five minutes later, I kid you not, I go to take a drink of my pop and spit it out in the sink as fast as I picked up the can, acknowledging that it’s an old can from the previous night. I turn around and yep, there stands Asher looking at me and laughing! But really, I don’t do that enough for him to have learned that from me, and please, no harsh words as to why I’m drinking a pop at 730 in the morning! 

After kids are fed I try to grab a quick shower and usually let Asher play on my phone. While I was trying to finish up, all of a sudden I hear a blaring “shake that…” and whip the shower curtain open to see Asher dancing to Pitbull that he was some how able to access from somewhere?!

 On to the next highlights of the day and it’s only 8:30am! Leah had kindergarten roundup!!😩😩😩 I cannot believe she will be starting school in the fall! Tim constantly insisted that I get there early in case of a line but I just shrugged it off saying we just need to drop off the forms…I printed them from online and filled them out already so I’m on top of the game! I even had the doctor fax over her immunizations!

Well, me being in the airhead state that I am, I take Leah to daycare and ask the receptionist if she wants Leah’s registration papers for kindergarten. Her look right away sends signals off in my head, duh, I need to go to the actual elementary that Leah will be attending! The receptionist laughed and said I was too funny. Yes, I like to just joke and pretend that I’m really this flaky 🙂 

So Leah and I walk over to the school and of course with the cold air, it triggers my heart monitor and I start beeping! Gotta love it and poor Leah gets introduced to some of the administration as her mom sounds like a tow truck backing up, okay the beeping isn’t that bad but still! And as much as it pains me to say this….Tim was right…there was a line! Leah and I waited about 20 minutes but she is finally registered for school this fall!

Later on in the day, Leah decided that she wanted to play beautician and got all of her equipment needed. I of course was distracted and not paying any attention until Leah tells me “the brush is stuck”. I reached back and felt the biggest knot, realizing she had used the new brush she picked out at the store when she was with daddy…a pretty ROUND brush! I think any lady knows that when using round brushes you must be VERY careful to avoid getting that dang thing wrapped up in the hair! I tried over a half hour to get that stupid brush out of my hair before panic set in because I was to be leaving within the hour to take Leah to dance….or maybe just to get myself a haircut! I had a vision of the embarrassment I would feel if I had to go down to the salon with a brush dangling from my head asking them to cut it out. Thankfully Skyler got home from school and was able to work her magic and within about 15 minutes my hair was bristle free!!!

I took Leah to dance and was looking forward to having the next 45 minutes to myself. I started out by going to Renewed Purpose, a local retail store that I haven’t been to in a while. After browsing for a few minutes and picking up some items, I got in the van thinking where I should go next….a half hour of no kids made the possibilities endless…and then I turned the key to start the van and nothing! I turned it again…and again….and again! Are you kidding me?! We just got this thing out of the shop yesterday after they put in a new starter!!

I called Tim because of course he was over in Sumner doing chores, he’s never in town when this stuff happens! I laugh now thinking about the conversation we had! I am sorry but do not ask me what noises the vehicle is making. I think for five minutes Tim was getting frustrated because he was asking me if the van was turning over and I said yes so Tim figured it must be the battery until I attempted to make the sound that the van was doing, which then led to another couple of minutes of me trying to answer his simple question….does it “turn over?”!! For the love of God, I made the sound!! What else do you want?!

It was decided that Tim would finish chores and then come get us. Ok, no kids yet, I can still enjoy my time!! The next half hour I tried sitting in the van but it’s cold outside!!!! I finally walked over to get Leah from dance and then I called Tim hoping he would tell me he was on his way but that wasn’t the case as he still had to finish up chores. Leah and I took our time getting her coat on and then we decided to walk over to the diner for a pop and to color! Thanks for being a blessing to us Matt! The hospitality is always wonderful at the East Bremer Diner 😉

Tim arrived 1 1/2 hours later from the first time I called him!!! He was able to get the van started then followed me back home. Thinking it’s still the starter so he plans to call the shop back in the morning.

Ok, that’s it, that’s all I’ve got! I warned you so don’t be mad for wasting part of your life that you’ll never get back for reading this! Absolutely no point to this blog but figured why not share our amusing….yet every day experiences! There’s so much heart ache all around so thought I’d make things light tonight!

Tomorrow is a new day! Prayers and love going out to all of our family and friends💞 

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