One Step Closer For Awareness

After a slow start with the courier today, I think the article is a go! The reporter ended up having a glitch in her schedule so she actually was not able to meet with us and instead scheduled a phone interview later in the day.

The photographer did show up as scheduled and we did a few pictures with Leah and Asher outside with the cows. We also took some pictures of us all, minus Skyler and Nathan due to them being in school. That was pretty much it, we thanked him for taking the time to come out and then we were done! Tim was a little disappointed as once again, he mopped floors and cleaned house, just for nobody to really show up! Haha, yes you small group people….I’m referencing this to you! Honestly, I have a clean house so I’m good either way 😉

I also think the phone interview went well as the reporter had a lot of good questions in regard to my actual disease. She will also be calling some of my doctors in Iowa City for their input on the disease for further description and information as well. 

I really appreciate my in laws for contacting the local papers in order to help me bring awareness!! 

As far as my heart monitor, last night was another long night. I did end up calling this morning to ensure that I didn’t have something hooked up wrong as last night was a continuous night of beeping and flashing lights. The lady on the other end of the phone confirmed that they are receiving the recordings. She went on to say it is most likely beeping to indicate something my doctor set up for the monitor to alert them if certain symptoms occur. Well, I guess on the positive, that’s reassuring that I’m hooked up right!

So overall not a bad day! The weather was gorgeous and got to watch little miss Leah at watch night for dance. I am so proud of how well she listens to her instructors and tries her best to follow the dance steps. 

I am also hopeful that this article is one step closer to bringing awareness to Fibrosing Mediastinitis! 

Good night, or in other words, let the beeping begin! 😉

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