Talk About A Let Down

I thought for sure once 12:30pm hit, my monitor would beep and flash the words “monitoring complete”, as about a month ago around that time is when I got hooked up, however, 12:30pm came and went. I reviewed the manual to make sure I did not have to turn it off myself but I had been correct in the fact that the monitor will indeed indicate when the testing is done.

Throughout the day, the anticipation was killing me….as bad as waiting those three minutes to see if the pregnancy test was positive back in the days…


Wayyyy back in the days…

I was constantly going back and forth checking the monitor, waiting for that message to start flashing so I could rip this thing off and ship it out, but that message never came. 

Then it hit me and I realized, while it has been a month that I have sounded like a dump truck backing up, being harrassed by this annoying, flashing and beeping device, a month does not necessarily mean it’s been 30 days, especially with it being stinking February! I got out my calendar and hesitantly counted out 30 days from my last heart procedure and you have got to be kidding…I have THREE days to go!!! And yes, my monitor began to beep at this point 🙂

Insulin pump to the left, heart monitor to the right and those annoying cords that hang from the electro pads plastered across my chest, constantly getting in the way of everything! I guess if this is the worst of my day, I can’t complain 😉 


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