Odds and ends of the past weeks…

Spending the morning with Leah and Asher at the doctor. Not the greatest news received in regard to my diabetes so prayers are appreciated as we try to get my sugars figured out. I think a big part is my FM and the doctor reiterated the obvious stating that physical stress and mental stress is the worst thing for my body…and my sugars, leaving us to wonder if my diabetes is out of control because of my FM or if my FM is so bad because of my diabetes….regardless of the reason, I just want it to get better before my eye sight becomes affected.


Later we did some grocery shopping. The kids were great company and for the most part did fairly well. Minus one little shove from Asher after this cute picture that landed Leah in a pile of canned goods…

Tim was also busy this week unloading his second trailer of hay bales…


And Asher and daddy are figuring out if those hay bales are actually going to fit in the barn…


Health wise, as for my FM, I continue to struggle with the fatigue, heart palpitations, memory issues and chest/head pain. My hands are also starting to swell and turn white…so just another day…

I have also been experiencing some new and more frequent symptoms for the last couple of months. Shocker right? It is unclear as to if it’s related to my FM but the intense pain is more than I can bear at times. And again, due to the fact that I do have a very rare disease, no local doctors want to attempt to help me with these new and possibly common symptoms, meaning yet another referral to Iowa City. Yeyyy…that’s sarcasm by the way!

Tim has been nice enough to tell me how “deathly” I look just about every night, including my pale skin yet my extremely flush cheeks, or circles around my eyes so dark it almost looks like I was punched. After all these years the sweet nothings continue to be whispered in my ear đŸ˜‰ Regardless, I couldn’t resist sharing this picture with our little blessing!


And then there’s Skyler and Nathan catching up on some sleep after a hard morning of chores…


We also attended a Fourth of July parade and as Leah would say…”the best parade ever!” 
Our little Asher…

And his contagious smile…Now that is some serious bed head!! 

Then there’s miss Leah getting ready for princess dance camp all week….

As we were waiting to go in I asked Leah if she liked the camp and she replies “mom, it’s amazing!”  

It has been a busy month and the summer is flying by! While I enjoyed my month of June, almost appointment free, focusing on the kids and my job, I am anxious to get back to Iowa City next week for a follow up on my lung which will include a morning of tests and then a visit with the doctor. 

Tim and I continue to push on. It almost feels like we are back at square one though because I have so many symptoms, and no answers. But we do have faith that this too shall pass because we can look back to see how much God has already brought us through. 

And, as far as my book, I sent my official and completed manuscript in yesterday and it is on to production!! I felt extremely sick and I guess this could be the reasoning as to why my complexion takes on a ghostly tone! 

So that’s it for now. I will keep you posted on my appointment next week and again, thank you all for your encouraging words and prayers!!

One thought on “Odds and ends of the past weeks…

  1. Meridean K. Schmidt says:

    Rebecca, I am a long time friend of your mom’s and I just wanted to send my prayers to you and your family. I really appreciate reading your postings, you have taught me a lot about FM since your mother told me of your fight. You are a strong person!! You have a lovely family and a caring husband and I know your parents are strong people and are there by your side when you need them. On a lighter note you look so much like your mother. Please remember to take care of yourself and stay strong.

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