There are no words…

Guess I need to follow up since I had asked you all to pray for Cody. Unfortunately this is a blog I am dreading to write because when I asked for prayers, I was confident that Cody would pull through and be okay, but that is not the case. 

I had been thinking about going to visit Cody in the hospital when I heard he was in an induced coma. Thursday morning Tim got the van all ready to go for my roadtrip but then I told him I would probably just stay home and work. Tim texted to go if I wanted and then Sharon, Cody’s mom posted an update that Cody was doing better and heading in the right direction. A good post and I was under the impression they would slowly start to wake him up. I decided to load up Asher and go visit him. 

While I had known of Cody for quite some time, I was finally able to meet him face to face, just a few months ago, and I knew instantly how sincere and generous he truly was. They ordered lunch from Culvers and I was planning to eat after our meeting as we had gathered to organize our plans for rare disease day. Cody was eating a pulled pork sandwich and I said I didn’t know they had those and would have to get one for supper when we were done. Shortly after Sharon and I were discussing ideas, Cody left and returned with a pulled pork sandwich meal for me. I thanked him and told him I would get him back next time…but now there will never be a next time.

Cody and I walked to fill our pops and I thanked him again. We got a chance to talk alone and it was nice. It was nice to be talking face to face with someone who knew the reality of what this disease is. But it was also sad to listen to his story and to hear him describe…that reality that I was all too familiar with. I will never forget that conversation with him as we stood there waiting.

Once back to the table we talked about my children and he joked that I probably brought my kids up the right way and his mom just rolled her eyes. Haha. The love and amazing relationship he had with his mother was very evident through the way they were joking with each other yet by the way they also smiled at each other too. So, I went to the hospital and figured maybe he would be awake enough to meet Asher and see how out of control my child was and to show that his mom had in fact done a wonderful job with her children. 😉

But, a lot can happen in two hours, the time it took me to drive to Iowa City. Asher and I went to the hospital gift shop to find something to encourage Cody. We picked out a balloon and some Halloween goofy glasses only because in the short time I met Cody, I knew he had a crazy sense of humor and was someone who likes to have fun and goof off. Right when I got to the room for some reason I decided to check my phone before I went in…and there was the news. 

I had a missed call from my mom, a missed call from Tim and text messages. I began to read Tim’s message first that started out with him saying “probably not answering the phone because you’re there. so sorry babe, Cody’s not going to make it” but I wasn’t able to finish the text. My stomach dropped as Sharon came out of Cody’s room to explain the drastic change in his circumstances. I could not stop apologizing to her and to Cody’s sister. I didn’t know. I hadn’t read the update. Family was being called in to say their goodbyes to their son, to their brother…and I showed up with a get well ballon and Halloween goofy glasses. But, I didn’t know.

I am thankful for Sharon giving me the opportunity to talk to Cody as he was still in the coma and then as more family arrived, I again apologized and Asher and I left. I sat outside his room and just cried for him and his family and I prayed for them to somehow find comfort. 

The next 24 hours were up and down with Cody pushing on and continuing to fight, until this morning when the final post came that the battle was over and he is with the Lord. Only 23 years old, such a loving and caring guy. Obviously a young man who tried to make the best of his life from some of the goofy pictures his mom put on Facebook. This isn’t fair and I hate this disease because it has taken too many amazing and young people, but it is part of God’s plan that we can’t possibly understand right now.

So please, please say a prayer for Cody’s family during this difficult time. We don’t know what Sharon is going through and words will not make her feel better right now so please just simply pray for her and the family!  

One thought on “There are no words…

  1. eureka1951 says:

    You were there. That is what is important. i believe you and Sharon will be lifelong friends. You were there in her darkest hour and she will know you were there out of love for Cody.

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