It should be smooth sailing from here…

It’s that time of year…the last three weeks…three kids…three different flu strains and guess who was the one to get a touch of them all and be sick for the last three weeks?! Yepper! Even Tim “Mr. Unsickable” as he calls himself, has been touch and go with all of the symptoms! No matter how much I Lysol!!

But with me, there are also a lot of changes going on at work which is causing some serious crunch time, almost 50 hours a week on top of all the sickness and fm symptoms…so with all that is going on, everything is feeding off of each other making it that much more difficult for me to fully recover!  

With that being said, it has been a busy month and minus the health, it’s been a fun month! Nathan had his first orchestra performance of the year!!!

   Skyler also went to state for color guard which they got First in their division!!! 

We were also able to attend the Snowflake Express, which is a train ride that raises money for children with terminal illnesses, so not only great fun for our kids, but a great cause as well…   


Leah giving Santa a high five!   

And while Tim doesn’t seem to smile in any of these pictures, he did enjoy it!😊

 Then back to school for Skyler’s winter band concert! Again, I was at this alone because with all the sickness, Tim and I have had to tag team between events and work and caring for the kids. And I must say, my imagination sure can take off when I’m sitting there all by myself…all I will say is I knew every exit nearby in that auditorium 😬 

Tonight Skyler had another color guard performance during the varsity basketball team and Tim was getting caught up on things at work…which Asher probably enjoyed more than daddy…  

Then there is Nathan who is playing catch up on homework due to being home sick two days last week! 

As for the rest of the week, our Wednesday night is full then Thursday Leah will be performing at Christmas on Main! And don’t forget, I will be in Sumner at Santa’s Workshop on Saturday from 10am-3pm at the legion hall selling my books so stop in and visit me or come introduce yourself! I have a lot of followers I don’t know so if any of you are in the area I would love to meet you and thank you personally for all of your support and encouragement!

The week is just getting started but hopefully this sickness is all behind us now that we’ve dealt with it the last few weeks! So grateful to have this busyness in our life and thankful to be enjoying it with our kids!! 

Hope to see you Saturday!!

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