Sweet 16

Today was an amazing…but emotional day!!! I got to cross another thing off my bucket list, and yes, this really was on my list. Unlike what doctors told me 14 years ago…today I was here to celebrate Skye’s 16th birthday!!! Today I got to take her shopping for some clothes as a gift…today I saw her get her driver’s license and tearfully watch her drive away for the first time more independent than she ever has been. Today I got to fulfill one of my dreams by seeing her turn another year older…the big milestone of 16!😍

The morning started with us going to the DOT to get her official license and honestly, I think I was probably more excited than she was!!! Then we were able to do a little shopping and for the first time ever…no arguments over the fitting of clothes!! 😜

Once home, Skyler left…by herself to go pick up a friend😬 and of course I teared up! It is amazing how many different scenarios can come up in your head as you are watching your kids drive away…the instant worry that sets in! So I probably prayed from the minute she left the driveway until the minute she was home! 

And then if she wasn’t driving the car she was driving the ranger…which can still be as nerve wracking😜     

Thankfully Skyler is a responsibile driver and is careful…in fact, when Skye had returned back home from a friend’s, Leah asked why she drives so slow!! Hey I am okay with that!!

The day was crazy with Tim being busy on the farm, Nathan going to a friend’s house, all the things going on with Skyler. But at the end of the night we were all able to come back as a family and celebrate Skyler’s birthday! 

We were blessed with delicious dinner again from church and then it was time for cake!!! I was able to dig up a picture from her 1st birthday😍😍   

Don’t smile Skyler!😜     

Lovin the photo bomb😭😂    

Late celebration with cake and ice cream but maybe kids will still go to bed well?! I know I am well past due for my bedtime…especially after a day I have been most active since my surgery!

I hope Skyler had a great 16th birthday and looking forward to celebrating many many more with all of our kids!!!

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