Baby steps

Another week down and I have slowly been making progress. I’m up and moving around as much as my body will allow me. I have still been struggling with nausea but thankfully I was finally able to make it back to church on Sunday followed by the tradition of enjoying Sunday dinner with the family!

This week was also the Bremer County Fair so Tim and I decided to take the kids down to watch our niece and nephews show sheep. I was so excited to get out of the house!!! Minus getting out for church, I had yet another opportunity to get out of my lounge clothes!😜

Unfortunately though, once down to the fair, my body told me it was too soon so I did a lot of alternating between sitting and standing. I absolutely loved being out and seeing my kids able to enjoy themselves though! But I was also able to listen to my body and not push myself. Miss Leah pretty much petted every animal she could get her hands on… 

     While Asher attempted to pet them from a distance…  I think he preferred sitting on the bench to keep me company…    I was also able to take Leah and Asher over to a slip n slide dinner party with some wonderful friends the following day! I am so thankful that another friend offered to pick us up since I am still on no driving restrictions! The kids had a blast and I loved being able to visit…ADULT coversation with great friends and delicious food!!

Needless to say, this is the most I have been able to do in the last nine weeks and what a blessing it has been!

With that being said, it was also enough to tire me out so I have been taking it easy the remainder of the week which means no more outings. I am definitely learning my new limits in regard to my back and leg and I also continue to follow the strict doctor orders of no lifting, bending, twisting or driving. But I will admit…it is a challenge!

Next week I will have my three week post surgery appointment and then it is also time to register kids for school and dance!! Our schedule is going to start picking up so I am praying I will be able to start driving again next week even though I will still have another three weeks of recovery!😬

I again cannot thank all of you enough for your encouragement and support through this very long season we have been enduring. Our church family has continued to provide meals and my parents also came one day and prepared meals for us to freeze so we just have to warm them up at our convenience.

Texts, calls, meals, prayers…all of the gestures that you think are simple or nothing to be thanked for are truly huge blessings to us and it is because of you guys that Tim and I can put smiles on our faces during some of our most challenging days! Thank you!!

Hope you are all able to enjoy your weekend!

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