Well Shoot!

Okay, no more blogging from here on out until I get confirmation and clarification from the doctors first in regard to any test results! 😬

Apparently my scan DID show some more concerns. When contrast was injected in to my veins, the doctor did not see any of the contrast flow through my right SVC stents, an indicator that those stents are indeed closed. We reviewed my symptoms again but now we don’t know if those symptoms are a result of my pulmonary artery stents or my SVC stents being closed…but of course either way, any stents closing will cause problems…and the more stents that are closed…the more symptoms I will have.

The doctor reviewed with me that he would like to do a venogram with possible angioplasty where they put catheters in through the veins in my arms…a procedure I have done countless times unfortunately, in order to determine if in fact my SVC stents are closed. He also thought there was some narrowing of the SVC stents on my left side as well so his plan is to check all six SVC stents when they go in.

With that being said, the fact that no contrast went through the stents could mean that they are 100% blocked, so the longer we wait, the harder it might be to open them back up. HOWEVER, I have to go in for my pulmonary angiography next Thursday and regardless if the stents need to be opened or not, doctors will still be going through my groin to check things out, meaning some recovery time regardless.

My interventional radiologist is going to give me a few weeks to recover from my pulmonary procedure and then we will try to schedule my SVC procedure the first or second week in January as he did not want to wait much longer if they could help it. 

My instant reaction of course was frustration but once I took a deep breath…well, not really because my illness make it difficult for me to breathe!😜 But after some prayer I thanked God that I still have options available to me that could improve my health…and if not, there is still so much in my life to be thankful for.

Plus, it’s been almost two years since I have needed any intervention with any of my stents so maybe 5 out of 8 stents closed in two years isn’t too bad after all right?!

And as the doctor got up to leave the room he complimented me on my book! 😉

Enjoy the rest of your week and until next time…

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