“Wow, that is a lot of hardware you have”

Ahhh, I have learned to become entertained by the things said to me when discussing my rare disease…and now, with two back surgeries under my belt, including a fusion at “such a young age,” I can add that to my list of things to shock others with as well!

Today was my six month follow up from my back surgeries so I had to get an X-ray  to make sure everything looked okay before meeting up with my doctor. The technician had me change in to some of the fabulous blue pants before performing the tests. And yes…I snagged a quick selfie just because I felt like it. With as many tests and surgeries and procedures I have done…and will continue to do…I decided why not try to catch some of these fabulous moments with pictures?! Because won’t that be a great photo album for my kids some day?! Haha!😜

Anyway, once back in the room, I discussed my symptoms with the tech and as she continued to ask questions, I clarified that this was not a new injury but a follow up from back surgery. She seemed to accept that answer as she stopped talking and focused on getting me positioned in front of the machine….and then here it came.

When she went back to her booth and got the first glimpse of me from the “inside”, I obviously wasn’t what she expected as she kind of blurted out “wow, that is a lot of hardware you have.” So I went on to tell her that yes I had a lot of screws and rods due to one of the surgeries being a fusion and then the infamous quote…”you are so young though.” I just gave her a quick little smile and refrained from saying “if you think that’s bad you should do a scan of my chest.”

After she got the pictures needed, I went over to the doctor’s office to discuss the results. I was a little nervous due to the fact that I’ve had some pretty significant pain in my lower back again, but I can walk so obviously noting like I experienced before. 

The doctor came in and we went over my symptoms along with what I had been doing for activity. I finally asked how my X-ray looked and they said “your back looks beautiful.” They went on to say that  they were actually really surprised with how well everything looked due to how bad I had been, on top of me having so many other health issues that can be a huge barrier to normal healing time. 

They did remind me that the back surgery won’t make me 100% and the pain and numbness I am having could possibly be permanent but I am also just halfway through recovery so I am still staying positive that I have room for improvement. Regardless, doctors continued to be amazed with the progress I have made. No follow up for six months and at that time we will do another X-ray as it will be one full year since the surgeries.

Okay, I have to be honest here…and as silly as this is…I went out to my car and just started bawling! I seriously was so happy that you would’ve thought my husband just surprised me with a big trip or something!! Haha! But…I cannot remember the last time I had such an encouraging doctor’s appointment…and it was wonderful!!! 

Tim was pretty happy for me too, maybe more so because I really have minimal limitations. I’ve been walking on my treadmill and trying to get regular exercise so the doctor told me to keep doing what I’m doing! They of course did stress the importance of stopping any activity that causes a lot of pain or basically just don’t do anything dumb! Haha. 

Tim was worried I was pushing myself too hard on the treadmill but it doesn’t hurt my back when I walk and I have assured him that while I don’t have a lot of limitations now, I still have pain and will continue to pace myself! I will not do anything, especially out of stubbornness, that would risk putting me back in the hospital with all that pain!!

So, I would consider this an extremely great day!! Just six months ago I was crawling, not able to walk and in excruciating pain…and now I am healing better than doctors expected! Seriously, I cannot express with words just how happy I have been! Not to mention being extremely grateful that I am on the mend just in time for summer!! 

And speaking of summer…we had a beautiful, what felt like a spring day, the other day, so I’ve been enjoying the weather when I can and Asher even helped me trim down some of our raspberry bushes! 

I missed all of last spring and summer due to so many health problems so needless to say I have been overwhelmed with joy by how much I am already participating in!! I’m walking and driving and able to get outside! I am going to teacher meetings and seeing the kids perform in their school events and making it to church…I am experiencing life again!!!

Tim and I have had a lot of darkness in our lives, especially the last few months, but we always try to find something to be thankful for regardless. But it’s also nice to have days like today,  when it’s not so hard to see His goodness! 💞💞

Appreciate the little things…because those little things…are really the big things! #faith #family #love #health

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