Injection Day…

I wasn’t able to make it to my eye injection last week so it got rescheduled for this morning and go figure the boys have been home sick. I decided to keep Asher home one more day because while he is feeling a lot better…and back to his silly old self again, he still looks rough and has that lingering cough.

After Leah got on the bus…

Asher and I took off for my appointment. Once we arrived, I started the whole process of checking my vision and pressures then getting my eyes dilated followed by scans. Asher asked a lot of questions while we waited to see the doctor and he was in awe of all the cool technology!

The doctor came in to review my scans and then I got prepped for my injection…and since Asher was in the room with me he got to wear a mask too!

Everything went well so I scheduled my next injection for eight weeks out and then Asher and I were on our way back home for him to rest!

Sooo…did you catch that?? I scheduled my next injection for EIGHT weeks!!! When discussing my scans today, the doctor said this new medicine we tried had definitely made a huge improvement with the leakage and swelling in my left eye!! I go back in eight weeks for one more injection and if everything still looks good…I can be done with the shots for awhile!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!

I began having laser surgery on my eyes for this issue over five years ago and then started receiving injections every four to five weeks almost one year ago so I don’t think you can even begin to grasp how excited I am!!! Asher definitely couldn’t figure out why I was crying happy tears the whole way home and Tim couldn’t figure out why I was so excited to see him at lunch today! Haha! Just kidding…I’m always excited to see my husband! 😜

Lots of tears, lots of pain and lots of discomfort but through all of that…even more prayers were said so thank you all who continue to pray for us!

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