Keeping up with Asher

Today was the follow up appointment from my SVC angioplasty back in December. I got prepped for my ct scan…

and then once the testing was done, I saw my doctor to review those scans. Not surprising…some of my stents are narrowing again. My right stents look to be holding up pretty well with good blood flow, however, my left stents closed back up to about 40%. After more discussion regarding my symptoms we decided to hold off on another angioplasty for now. Instead, I will schedule to do another ct scan in three or four months and then most likely I will probably need angioplasty to open up the SVC stents at that time.

While it is discouraging that my stents seem to be closing up fairly quickly after my procedures, I was ecstatic that this appointment did not result in immediate scheduling of another angioplasty! Like I have said, I am grateful that doctors can still intervene and help manage some of my symptoms but I just did a procedure in December for my SVC stents and then in February I had another angioplasty to open up my pulmonary stents. I’m kind of tired!!

And speaking of tired, Asher had Monday and Tuesday off from school so I got to spend some one on one with my little guy!! Our days were busy but so much fun!! He is so helpful and couldn’t wait to help me clean the kitchen…

…and bake cookies!!

He also helped me run errands…

But while we worked hard…we also played hard with puzzles and board games…

We were also blessed with some beautiful weather so Asher and I got to play at the park…

And enjoy a walk on our local bike trails!!

I am purely exhausted and we are only halfway through the week haha!

My next appointment in Iowa City is at the beginning of May to check my pulmonary stents and then I also have an eye appointment in May which will hopefully be my last eye injection for awhile!!!

I never know what my scans and appointments will bring so I really do try to enjoy my days to the fullest in between doctor visits!

And as resurrection Sunday approaches, I am reminded of the ultimate sacrifice Jesus made for me and I will continue to put my hope and trust in Him regardless of my test results.

John 3:16

John 11:25

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