Another first

We had been preparing and praying for a really long time in regard to the day my husband would possibly make a career change…

Then, back in October, Tim got a wild idea (a God thing) to use our building downtown that has been vacant for a year…as a “market” for a variety of vendors and small businesses. Within a week, vendors had reached out and we apparently had a new business for Tim to manage!

We have been overwhelmed by such a positive response from the community! We finished out the year with the market then headed back down to Alabama to update the condo that we own as a short term rental! Our intentions were to just paint the rest of the rooms we hadn’t been able to finish the last time we were in town and update some furniture but we also decided to put in some backsplash, rip out a couple of kitchen cabinets and paint them…

It was a productive trip and we did what we could in the short time we had! We made sure to finish our time with a day at the beach before heading back home for my follow up appointment in Iowa City.

It was a busy week and a half of updating…we were all tired haha!

If my husband hadn’t switched back to being self employed, he would have been back at work saving his time off to use when I had angioplasty. And since it was just scans, I told Tim he should just stay home and focus on the market but he insisted he go with me (another God thing)…and I am so glad he did!

Once I was done with my scans, we met with the doctor to discuss the results. As he pulled my file up on the computer, I couldn’t help but cringe as I saw the picture of myself! It was from several years ago before my stents had been opened and my face was extremely puffy!! I kind of giggled and pointed it out to Tim but before he could say anything, the nurse standing behind us blurted out “it doesn’t even look like you!”

The doctor gave me one of his sincere smiles then looked back at the computer and began with “a couple of concerns…”

Apparently what they had been concerned about for so long, has happened. My stents are narrowing, which I expected, but scar tissue from the trauma of so many angioplasties is starting to cause problems as well. He was able to compare all of my scans over the past year and show us the new problematic spots. We discussed my symptoms and decided that we are going to try and hold off as long as possible before doing another intervention and again the doctor stressed the fine line I’m walking. We really need to limit the amount of intervention to avoid continued damage from the angioplasties…yet not wait too long where my stents close completely.

The second concern was adding another stent. We had discussed this in the past but it sounds like the new stent would be in a tricky spot that would possibly cause different blockage and more damage. The doctor thinks we should at least try this as a last result but praying it won’t come to that!

For the first time, I walked out of Iowa City without a follow up appointment and will just call to schedule the procedure when I think it’s time.

I was thrown off by the news and my voice trembled a bit when I called my mom so she knew I was fighting back tears. She was full of encouragement but I could tell she was trying to stay positive for both of us and the conversation was short. The next morning she called and was like “God knows, and that’s all that matters!” I agreed then the kids and I got back on track with school…

Tim and I also continued to stay busy preparing for a new year at the market and one day as I sat there painting…

I started playing out the last few months since Tim had switched jobs and was able to see how the Lord had provided for us each step of the way! From better insurance to starting up the market and now this was the first non procedure appointment my hubby had been able to attend with me in a very long time! God knew I would need this man by my side to make me laugh in the midst of a hard day! The results of my appointment had been a surprise to me…but not to my Heavenly Father. God truly is good and whatever the future holds…He already holds me in it!

Thanks again for all of you who continue to message me on the day of my appointments…and especially for the prayers💕💕 I don’t go back to Iowa City until July/August for my pulmonary and cardiology follow up so until then…stay strong and battle on…


One thought on “Another first

  1. Trenetta says:

    Just found your blog. I’m all too familiar with stents as my husband has fm. I hope you find a plan for your health that works for you. We are currently trying to figure out a plan for him concerning occluded vessels. Prayers for you and your family.

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