Another day of more tests and no answers…

After more confusion and a rough start to the day, my MRA is done! When I got to the hospital as scheduled, I found that no orders had been sent over for lab work so I was shown straight to the radiology department, and I knew this wouldn’t fly. The radiologist did confirm that I needed labs done so he was able to write an order. I was then sent over to the lab to get my blood drawn then back to radiology where I began to prepare for the test. I triple checked that I was able to do an MRA even though I have 8 stents in my chest as everyone I had talked to regarding this procedure did not seem very confident that it was okay. I pulled out the papers I carry in my purse regarding my stents and from reviewing those papers, the nurse was able to confirm that I “should” be ok…ummm, I don’t want to hear “should”….tell me it IS okay!

I got that fabulous blue gown on and walked through a door in the shape of a huge stop sign that said STOP, and again reviewed the dangers of the test and all of the metals that should be removed from my body. This did not appear very comforting to me. The nurse inserted my IV, and just like 15 minutes before when I had labs drawn, and like any other time I get poked for IVs, labs, or whatever, they have to use extra bandages due to the fact I’m on Plavix and bleed easily. I was then placed on the long cold table that would eventually slide me in and out of the machine.

They again reviewed how the procedure would take place and I was then given headphones. After given the choice of music, I opted for Christian contemporary as I always listen to 101.9 however, I found myself quickly regretting that I did not pick some type of 80s music. While I love 101.9, sometimes the music is hard for me to listen to, especially when I am faced with the struggles I am dealing with.  The music is encouraging and I know God is with me but at the same time when I hear the words of much needed reassurance, which always comes at the most appropriate times, I can’t help but cry.

One of the first few songs that came on, I had never heard before but it was called “I am Not Alone” by Kari Jobe.  Again I was reminded that God is with me and I didn’t need to be anxious about this test as I listened to the lyrics  “Lord, You fight my every battle and I will not fear”, “You’re my strength, You’re my defender, You’re my refuge in the storm. Through these trials You’ve always been faithful You bring me healing to my soul”.  Yes, I got emotional and knew that was God’s way of reminding me that He was with me in that machine and everything is going to be okay.

I was able to get through the procedure which took well over an hour. I tried asking questions but this nurse was not going to leak any information and simply said my doctor will call me this afternoon or tomorrow with the results.

So, here I am again, waiting, for that all too familiar phone call from the doctor to determine what next challenges I might be faced with. Tomorrow I should hear the MRA results, as well as talk with my cardiologist about all of the abnormal lab results that I have been getting, along with my increased symptoms of extreme fatigue, chest pressure, extreme headaches and heart palpitations.

But hey, tomorrow is a new day right?! 😉

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