“You have a lot going on, nothing overly extreme, but a lot of things building up….God love ya”

I met with my cardiologist today and unfortunately he did not have any answers for me. I reviewed the symptoms I have been having including the shortness of breath, head/chest pressure, heart palpitations and extreme fatigue. He also looked at my fingers and briefly looked me over for any signs to indicate that my SVC might be closed, however everything appeared to be okay and he said nothing about my fingernails.

The nurse Pam, that I’ve gotten to know well, and I just think is so awesome, simply looked at me and said “you have a lot going on, nothing overly extreme, but a lot of things building up! God love ya” then walked out of the room.  What does that mean?!

The doctor and I, along with a few med students, reviewed my lab work and he assured me the results were “to be expected” with my disease however we will continue to monitor the levels since they are creeping up. He pointed out that my angiogram in April will also help to determine if my stents in my pulmonary artery are still open to rule out that being a cause for the way I feel. Really? April?

He did say he has some ideas on other possible testing to be done such as another ct scan, however he wanted to get together with my pulmonologist to discuss my “situation” first. This did make me feel better knowing that he said he would also consider moving my angiogram up if needed, but just wanted to touch base with my other doctor.

He went on to remind me that while stents can improve my symptoms, they are not perfect. He “understands” my symptoms and agreed by what I am telling him, and the way I am feeling, my FM is in deed still progressing but reiterated talking with my lung doctor to get his thoughts as well, in regard to our next steps.

While I didn’t get any answers that I was hoping for today, I do have the luxury of wearing a heart monitor for the next 48 hours to try and determine some reasoning behind my symptoms I’ve been experiencing, especially the heart palpitations. And, I must say I feel sorry for the men who have to do this test due to all of the wires taped to the chest.

The nurse first cleaned the areas with alcohol swabs, then “roughed” my skin by taking a sand paper type of material so that the pads would stick better, followed by sticking the electro pads on.  As much as I have gone through with all of my tests, and angiograms and surgeries, I will admit, this little procedure did sting.  She referred to it as feeling like a kitty scratching me and I wanted to reply “this is why I don’t have cats”.  Needless to say, I will wear this for 48 hours and I am to monitor and log any activity I am doing when I notice symptoms.

So, what’s the first thing that happens when I get home?  Our oldest daughter Skyler, jumps out from behind the door and scares me, as this is a regular habit of hers to see how far I jump, how loud I scream or what I yell at her!  She then saw the monitor clipped to my pocket and asked what it was so I explained the reason for the test.  Skyler did an uneasy giggle and reassured me that she would not do that again, at least until the monitor was off.

As far as my MRA, I did call my orthopedic doctor, however, he had been in surgery all day yesterday and today so I was informed that I should hear something by Friday.

So, again, no answers but more tests and more waiting.  As much as I know it is to be expected with appointments just resulting in more testing, I am so thankful that the doctors are now taking me serious, believing me and really trying to figure out how to help me.  I love the fact that my heart doctor and lung doctor work so well together and keep in communication regarding my “case”.

So, I will be waiting about 2 weeks for these heart monitor test results before I hear from my doctor which means other than hearing back on my MRA by Friday, looks to be an uneventful week…and that’s always nice!

Thanks for all of your prayers, encouragement and kind words.

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