All That For Nothing….

Finally, yesterday I got the news that the MRI and ultrasound came back normal, however, the doctor wanted me to come in to discuss the results as well as our next steps.  I pointed out if the results were normal then why did I really need to come in?  After yet getting more of the run around, the nurse finally called today and left me a message saying that I did not have to come in Monday for a follow up.  She reports she talked to the doctor and he agrees that I did not need to come back as from an orthopedic stand point, there is nothing he can do.  She did however say that the doctor once again feels that my leg could be due to something vascular and suggested I go back to my family physician and get a complete “full scan” in order to try to pinpoint why I am having such difficulty with my right leg. So yeah, basically back to square one.

The findings did report some abnormalities that should be followed up on so If anything, I will have my family doctor review all of my results and see what he might suggest. I also might email my heart doctor to see once again, if he can think of any vascular reasons that would cause leg pain.  Regardless, I am fried with this whole ordeal from that clinic and now my attention has to be on Asher.

Asher gets his tubes in both ears tomorrow. OK, I know it’s an easy procedure but I am terrified, more so than having to go back to the doctor for an angiogram!  This is my baby boy who is going to be put to sleep!!  All of the “what ifs” I think about when I go in to surgery, I now think about with Asher, and that is a lot harder to deal with. 

Yes, it’s a simple and common  procedure and yes it will only take about 20 minutes but this is my baby they’re going to take away from me for a period of time.  I am extremely thankful though that our small group leader’s wife will be one of the nurses in the room when Asher has the procedure done.  I have only known her for a little while but she is so sweet and sincere and Asher loved her when we took the kids over for our little holiday get together.  We are extremely thankful that Adrienne will be in that room with Asher when we aren’t able to because she will take good care of him.

So tomorrow all of my focus is on Asher, praying the surgery goes well and helps to prevent some of the constant sickness he’s been dealing with, not to mention hopefully improving his speech.

Appreciate all of your prayers for a successful procedure tomorrow, oh and that Asher survives not being able to eat first thing when he gets up! Yikes!! 🙂

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