Success For Asher!

Asher had a successful procedure Friday!  I have to say though, he is a lot smarter than he acts.  We got to the hospital and he was fine until the nurse came in and talked to us.  After she left he kept saying “bye bye” and tried convincing me to put his coat on.  I showed him the blanket and the cool stuffed animals along with the toys and books that were left by the hospital and his doctor for him to take home,however, Asher wanted nothing to do with them and tried putting everything back in to the bag…he knew it was just a bribe for something worse to come.

The nurses came in and I put him in a little wagon and Asher did not fight it, but simply kept his head down the entire walk down the hall.  I think that was worse than if he would have been screaming. Thankfully before I could barely post an update on Facebook, the doctor came in to say that he was done.  He did comment that Asher was a “serious little boy” and then laughed so I can imagine Asher must’ve been giving them one of his looks.

When they brought him back to me he cuddled in my arms but then fought his way over to daddy.  I was so relieved to have him back in our arms and looked forward to a day of cuddling and loving on my little guy.  BUT, by the time we got home he was bouncing off the walls. Needless to say, it was just another day of craziness, on top of following him around everywhere to make sure he didn’t crawl on the table or climb the stairs due to him still being a little loopy from the medication.

He went down for his usual nap and he cried once then stopped so Tim and I were ecstatic thinking maybe he won’t be so loud anymore!  WRONG, he woke up from his nap and when I brought him downstairs I said something about pizza and immediately he began screaming “eat”.

It has been a good weekend and he seems to be adjusting just fine. As long as the tubes help his overall well being and speech, I guess I can live with him getting excited about food.  I have found that it sounds like Tim did this as a child so I guess nothing can fix the genes our kids get from their daddy 😉  I am just so thankful that all went well and the procedure didn’t seem to faze him too much!

As for a follow up on my leg…I did decide to email my local physician in regard to what the orthopedic doctor from Iowa City had suggested. I told him they encourage my local doctor do a full scan to figure out what is causing my pain.  Well, my local doctor did get back to me and said my “leg is a puzzle” and suggested sending me to the pain clinic as well as to come in and discuss treatment options. I really have no idea what the pain clinic is and Tim pointed out it basically just uses pain meds or injections as well as tips on how to manage the pain.

So after all of the last ridiculous 2 weeks, I am back to square one. This is when doubt rushes in and I start to question if maybe the pain isn’t as bad as I think it is. I guess I do what I do when dealing with my FM…I suck it up, deal with the pain and know that one of these days I am going to find a doctor who has answers for me.

Also, I have 2 people close to us that will be having surgery this week, one person on Monday and another person on Tuesday. Please keep them both in your prayers that they do not become consumed with anxiety and worry but can look up and have comfort knowing that God is with them always! Pray for their family to find peace, patience and comfort as well throughout the procedure and recovery time. Pray for the procedures to go well, pray that answers are found and pray for overall improvement with their health!

Oh wait….don’t pray for patience!!! 😉




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