Short and sweet

Today Asher had his follow up appointment for his ears and the tubes look great. He does still have some drainage however, so the doctor put him on an antibiotic to hopefully clear things up. Asher doesn’t have to go back until his 6 month follow up unless there are any new concerns. We are still hopeful for a chance that he will quiet down one of these days soon;)

As for me, today was a better day. The weakness is slowly subsiding and I have been able to resume some of my regular activities. I was able to go get labs done in preparation for my upcoming surgery so as long as those come back good, then everything (minus me) ha, should be a go for next week.

I did also decide to email the Mayo clinic about some of the clinical studies they have been doing in regard to Fibrosing Mediastinitis. I have had quite a few people in my FM group participate in the study and they have had a lot of success with slowing down and even stopping the growth of their masses! While it can’t fix the damage that has already occurred, it sounds like it can prevent future damage. The drawback for me is that I have had this disease for so long. I also have diabetes so I do not know if I will qualify for the study as some of the treatment options are a no go for me due to the fact they would wreak havoc on my blood sugars. But, after the way this week started out, I figure it can’t hurt to look in to.

The heart palpitations do continue along with the shortness of breath and chest pressure, my typical hypertension symptoms, but thankfully nothing like I had previously experienced! I’m still getting a little flush from the smallest amount of movement but that racing heartbeat is no more!

Actually, the worst part of the day was probably when we rented a movie and I made sure to put it out of Asher’s reach and in a place where I wouldn’t forget it….and yep, it took the whole family over an hour of looking before Tim found it stuck in our junk drawer! I don’t think Tim was amused but it made me giggle. Hey, I keep things interesting around here and if that’s as bad as things got today, then I am extremely grateful God has blessed me with a good day!

And the 50+ extra pounds may be cause for some of the chest pressure….but sooo worth it and see…I don’t look sick right?!! 😉


2 thoughts on “Short and sweet

  1. Jack Paige says:

    Rebecca–hi, I’m your mom’s cousin, Jack. She gave me your blog address a few weeks ago. I read your entire blog and am so very moved by how you have responded to a serious diagnosis with such complete honesty in how you feel. I hope the Feb. 26 surgery goes well and you have some real answers afterward. btw, I saw your mom/dad in FL a few days ago and we had lunch. I know they are home now but I think your dad has enough of a suntan anyway! best of luck, best wishes to you. First cousin once removed JCP

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