My Overachieving Heart

The heart monitor results came back and did show some abnormalities. I apparently have premature ventricular contractions, basically extra heart beats that occur before the expected regular heart beat. These beats interrupt the normal order of pumping and are less effective in pumping blood out to the rest of the body. This can be a common thing, therefore, no more testing or treatment is needed at this time…unless my symptoms get worse.

Again, I of course do not want anything to be wrong with my heart but I feel lousy. I am tired all the time, I want answers. And while they say these palpitations can be common in healthy people, they also say most people don’t feel them. However, I feel them quite frequently throughout the day but especially at night…and I am anything but healthy.

I’m frustrated because the last six months of my labs or the testing, whether for my leg or my lungs or my heart…all the tests never come back as a straight normal. There is always something “minor” to show up on the results that is considered to be abnormal, yet I continue to be told to just wait for my symptoms to worsen. I don’t understand why I must wait to feel worse when the symptoms I have now already interfere with my daily life. Regardless, I go to my heart doctor at the end of April to see if anything has changed, to discuss my results and our next steps.

I will admit…this is starting to wear on me. I was extremely grumpy this evening. However, we went to our small group tonight in which some great discussion was held as well as some much needed laughs for Tim and me. So blessed to have been introduced to such an amazing group of people who were able to help me regain focus tonight when discouragement was starting to settle in. It ended up being a great night after all.

One thought on “My Overachieving Heart

  1. Cindy Yarbrough says:

    Hang in there Rebecca. I too get very frustrated at times. I’m glad you have a support group that helps you focus. I’m with you on the minor things. My heart also has anomalies and they say it is because of the disease. What does that mean? So I hear you and you are not alone.

    Stay Strong,


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