Happy Easter

Started the Easter weekend off by attending PLC for GoodFriday, another intense and eye opening service!

Saturday we had my family over, 20 of us, everyone but my niece Mary who had to work. The food turned out great and as usual, we had more than enough!  

   Little kids had an egg hunt followed by the big kids. Aunt Sarah decided to pay $5 to the one who found the most eggs…wish I knew that was part of the deal before I hid the eggs! Everyone had a great time! But, ok, I have to confess, Asher MIGHT have gotten the most peanut butter cups in his eggs! 


 Sunday we got up and went to church. We were so excited to meet my parents at PLC. It was shortly lived as they disappeared 10 minutes into the service…it was about 15 minutes after that, that Tim leans over and says “I think your parents just ditched us…at church…on Easter!” Haha…they apparently had some issues come up at home and had to leave. Mom had whispered something and then shortly after they just disappeared! I thought they might have just changed seats but no, they were no where to be found…and they didn’t come back! Tim says they were just trying to beat the traffic 😉 Definitely a funny memory to share in the upcoming years. 

We then finished off the holiday by going to Tim’s parents for good food, great company and another Easter egg hunt! Asher was so excited as he ran up to the Easter egg, yelled “ball” then picked it up and threw it! Always a great time with the cousins!



Great weekend with great family to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus! Missed those who couldn’t make it and hope everyone had a great Easter! 

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