One of my first posts regarding my illness

I was searching some things in regard to my disease tonight and came across one of the first FM sites I joined about 8 years ago. Unfortunately, it is not an active site anymore, however, if you go under patient stories you will find me as Rebecca about half way down the page. It’s a picture of me and Skyler at the Waterloo airport. We would sit and watch the planes come in and take off, something she absolutely loved to do after we had spent the day at the beach out at George Wyth! 

I later found out that Tim had actually worked there at the time Skye and I would do this…it’s crazy how Tim and I had so many chances for our paths to cross! Lucky for him…our paths did finally meet. Haha!

Anyway, so many of the stories posted here are very similar. My entry, I actually posted right after the doctors told me to get arrangements made for Skyler because I was dying. In my post, I talked about going back to see a surgeon but he would also tell me there was nothing he could do for me. I actually saw a few more doctors who told me “it’s a horrible disease, I’m sorry, there is nothing we can do,” before I found one who had heard of my disease and was able to put 4 stents in my SVC!!

I didn’t put all that detail in the post but I did do a follow up entry on my successful procedure.

I found this very interesting to read because as much as I was trying to be positive and keep my faith…I was terrified with what the reality of this disease could mean. 

I had over 10 doctors tell me I was dying, they strongly encouraged me to make arrangements for Skyler. I can see the specific doctor’s face, like it was yesterday, asking me who was going to take care of my daughter, urging me to make that a priority. I said I was going to take care of her… and I am still here today doing just that!

No matter how bad the situation might be, no matter if anyone else provides encouragement, never give up hope and never stop fighting. God is good and I am so thankful for how far He has brought me! Here is the site… 

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