You can’t blame stupid on stents

So you know how my memory is an issue with me lately? Well it hasn’t improved much this week! The little things continued like putting the keys on the counter underneath the microwave, something I never do leaving me to search endlessly when it’s time to leave, or leaving the back van door open and my 4 year old pointing out that I didn’t close it, setting my glasses on the couch and realizing where I had set them…after I sat on them and caused them to bend so now they look goofy on my face, or walking away from the kitchen sink after I rinse off the dishes…only to leave the water running…and the list goes on.

This week I threw in a couple of new things “to spice things up” as Tim likes to call it. I decided to clean out the downstairs freezer on Saturday…and yeah, you know where this is going! Tim went in to get something today and walked in to quite the mess. While organizing the freezer Saturday, I realized we had about 3 pounds of expired meat. So, I had put that in a bag and continued to organize and whew, I got it done…pat on the back to me for getting something accomplished! Now it’s time to rest!

Apparently though, I put that bag of meat on top of the freezer…and forgot it there…and it was warmer weather Sunday and today! Yep, it thawed and I had even a bigger mess to clean up….a mess that could almost turn me into a vegetarian! So much for my pat on the back 😉

Also, tonight we were blessed to have someone from our small group bring us a meal, which I will be blogging about later in the week 😉 The meal was wonderful, however, Tim had to get last minute things lined up at the cow barn for tomorrow since he will be wasting a full day of beautiful weather to keep me company at my appointment. The kids and I ate then I put the dinner back in the oven so it would stay warm. 

Well, since I am known to burn things, I decided to check on it to make sure I didn’t have the oven too warm, and there on top of the casserole was the lid, shriveled up into a ball. Yes, I had put a plastic lid in the oven, which obviously I should not have done…and I honestly do know better! 

Tim was home shortly after and was able to enjoy a great meal we had been blessed with…and I had not ruined it!

While talking to mom I told her about dinner and she just laughed. I then pointed out that it’s a good thing I’m going to Iowa City tomorrow because the way this week has been, and it’s only Monday, my stents must be closed! Without hesitation, my mom quickly replies “you can’t blame stupid on stents!” I immediately cracked up and she immediately started apologizing! She even called me a few more times later in the night to make sure I knew she was kidding!

I know we all have our moments of forgetfulness and the busy of life can make for easy distractions but at the same time, this is a different kind of memory lapse, it’s hard to explain. My mom also knows, this is not my normal behavior, and that is why she too was quick to joke.

Tomorrow I go to Iowa City to check my SVC stents and again, I’m just not sure what I want the outcome to be. If my stents are closed, I would have something to justify my foggy memory and headaches and chest pressure. But if they’re open, which is ultimately what I always want, then that is great…but that also means back to the drawing board. This will just begin more testing, which is what my doctors have been discussing anyway due to my other symptoms. Either way, it’s all in God’s hands and in His time…so I need to put my trust in Him.

We truly have appreciated the meals provided by our friends from our small group and it has been beyond wonderful to eat dinner and then just relax with the family, to actually enjoy the rest of our evening! I have been able to put my little energy that I have, into time with Tim and the kids!

 Not only do Tim and I appreciate the break from cooking…but I think our kids are enjoying it as well 😉 Skye would have a fit if she knew I posted this but that’s what she gets for being silly over brownies 😉  

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