Dance pictures 

Ok, have you all seen that show Toddlers and Tierra’s? That is how Skyler and I felt today! First off, I grew up doing sports such as volleyball, tennis or racquetball, golf, etc…so give me knee pads and a volleyball, I can handle that! But Leah…is in dance! A whole new world to me!

Today was our first experience with dance pictures and a big shout out to older sister Skye for doing it all!! While I love going “girly” once in awhile by doing my hair, makeup and getting dressed up, I have no style and no ability to do hair! If my hair is curled in pictures…that means Skyler did it! 

So anyway, back to Leah. I first found out that you never wait until the last minute to buy what you need for pictures, that has never worked, so I don’t know why I thought it would work today! Then, once home, I also found out that 20 minutes does not allow Skyler enough time to curl Leah’s hair… 

Or do her makeup…  

But, after Skyler and I snipping at each other and rushing around to make sure we had tights and shoes and hair pieces, it all worked out! Leah looks beautiful…oh but her red hair piece…I honestly thought it was a bow tie that went around her neck! Haha!    A first experience with dance pictures and I learned a lot! Now if we can make it through the recital next month we will be good! 

Thank you Skyler!!! And thankful for such a beautiful day to spend with my girls! #blessed

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