Prayers from almost 2 years ago…answered

Last Sunday was national grilled cheese day and I was excited to celebrate by making that our Sunday night dinner…something quick and easy as I was still fighting fatigue and all of my nasty symptoms. But, God had other plans! 

Last Sunday, on the way home from chores Tim texted me not to worry about dinner. I was laying on the couch watching golf so I really didn’t argue with him! Shortly after, Skyler yells from upstairs for me to come up. I yelled back “why?” and continued to stay on the couch but Skye didn’t reply. Ok, I guess I better be a good mom, go upstairs and make sure everything is ok.

I went up and Skye was standing in the kitchen with a smirk. That smirk quickly faded and she says “go get dressed!” as I stood in my running pants and sweatshirt. I noticed the kitchen was clean and praised her but again she ignored me, asking why I had changed clothes. She shook her head and said “nevermind, it’s too late, we have company” then laughed and pointed out the window.

Angie, from our small group, was walking up to the door with dinner! I of course started to tear up by the pleasant surprise…and maybe a little embarrassed for being in my pjs already πŸ˜‰ Angie went on to explain that Katie, another girl in our group had contacted everyone and it was set up that they would all be taking turns with bringing meals over to us this week! Of course I started to cry again πŸ˜‰ Angie prayed with us then we enjoyed a delicious meal!

Now it all made sense…Matt, our group leader had texted me Sunday after church wanting Tim’s number. I later joked with him and his wife Adrienne, that I should have questioned him why he needed it πŸ˜‰

It has always been hard for me to accept help but the thoughtfulness from our small group has been overwhelming. Yes the meals are wonderful but even better, they are praying for us and encouraging us more that they know.

Probably about 1 1/2 years ago, Tim and I had been praying for someone healthy to come into our lives, a prayer encouraged by one of our pastors during a sermon. Shortly after we began praying that prayer, we found out my disease was progressing and the strain of a chronic illness wreaked havoc on our marriage. We ended up going to talk to another pastor of ours and I thought wow, here is someone healthy in our lives. But, that was really only the beginning. Tim and I were encouraged to attend Financial Peace University through the church, which we did. 

We met a great couple at that class and to be honest, while we looked forward to learning the next steps to financial freedom, we were even more excited just to visit with Mike and Sally afterwards.

Tim and I felt like God was really tugging at us to continue making steps forward. We agreed that we both wanted to be involved with other couples who shared our beliefs and could also kind of hold us accountable with things in our lives including our personal relationship with God. 

We did some procrastinating, ok, a lot of procrastinating, always using excuses as to why we shouldn’t. BUT, after a few months, Tim and I finally filled out that one little form verifying that we were interested in joining a small group! Yikes!!

So needless to say, we joined a group which actually, two of the couples are neighbors to each other and they are both literally like two minutes from our house!

I had been nervous just for the fact that my “bible skills” are lacking and I didn’t want to sound stupid. I have always done daily devotions but I had really drifted from digging in and actually getting a better understanding of the bible, or making God a priority in my life. And while I do feel I have spiritually grown and put more focus on God over the last several years of my life, I will admit I was still doing it at my own will…when it was convenient for me and within my own comfort zone. 

It’s crazy how God works because that one argument Tim and I had, led us to talking to our pastor, which led to taking a financial class which in turn led us to some financial freedom and less stress in our marriage! 

Don’t get me wrong, our marriage is anything but perfect and we still struggle with being on a budget. We sometimes even take steps backwards whether because of circumstances or by our own doing, but thankfully God is right there to get us back on track. That financial class then led us both to take another step way out of our comfort zone…the small group…which led us to some amazing and HEALTHY people!  

We are both looking forward to what this next chapter in our lives might bring and we are even more excited to develop some great friendships that can also encourage Tim and I on our faith walk…and we hope to do the same for them or whoever else we come across! I just can’t believe I was so nervous to sign up πŸ˜‰ 

Sorry to ramble but anyway…;) It is by God that they decided to help us out when they discovered we were struggling, but I ended up needing the rest of the week off due to my procedure!! No better timing than to have delicious meals delivered for our family! They provided meals through Friday…which happened to be the last day I had to worry about restrictions! But, I guess God’s timing is always perfect and He always knows what we need and when we need it the most πŸ˜‰

I continue to battle my usual symptoms, but I am feeling a lot better from my procedure. Even though they didn’t have to open up my stents, they still ended up going in, which resulted in an incision on both arms and lots of “digging” around in my chest. Thankful that the achy upper body feeling is starting to subside!

So again, thank you Matt and Adrienne, Dave and Angie, and Ryan and Katie! So extremely thoughtful and such a blessing. You truly have no idea how much you helped us out this week!  Asher’s face says it all as to how the family felt all week with such awesome meals and desserts!! 


We look forward to seeing you Tuesday!

2 thoughts on “Prayers from almost 2 years ago…answered

  1. Tricia Edgell says:

    Love to hear the community and faithfulness! We joined a small group a few years ago and the journey has been amazing and just what we needed. I wished we lived closer ;).

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