As good as it gets…and that’s pretty good

So the last couple days of appointments didn’t go quite the way I hoped…but that’s ok. From my cardiologist’s view, I am bad but he has fixed me the best that he can.

He encouraged me that I need to keep pushing myself. He said yes, I will feel pretty lousy while I’m pushing myself and after I’ve pushed myself…but I won’t drop dead of a heart attack from trying. First off, where does he get the idea I’m not trying?! And with a tap on the shoulder followed by “keep the faith” the doctor left the room and my appointment was done.

As for my memory, they did a quick overview ct of my brain to rule out any tumors and to make sure I haven’t had a stroke, which turned out fine. However, I was still referred to neurology for a more detailed evaluation in regard to the forgetfulness I am experiencing. Just as well rule out one more problem from one more doctor.

As hard as it is to sit and hear some of these things from the doctors, it’s even harder to hear the man of your life pleading with doctors to understand how sick his wife is. Tim didn’t shut up about the memory issues and he also explained how rough I have looked the last few days along with my never ending cough.

It was hard seeing Tim forced once again to realize something I’ve known for all too long….there really is no cure and sometimes doctors can’t help me. I need to just learn to live with the symptoms but hopefully we can get the memory issues addressed at my next appointment. 

As discouraging as today and yesterday was, I am grateful for all the things I am still able to do. The Iowa City doctors really have done a lot for me and have improved my health tremendously!

It has been gorgeous weather so in between work and appointments, we were able to get out to plant in the evening and enjoy the night! We are working on making our garden bigger and better this year and have even tried a few new things! 

And while Tim tilled, I did help plant! It’s when the weeds start to appear that I might play my “sick” card and have to just watch him and the kids pull weeds while I “rest” Ha!

So, I know God’s plan is playing out and it’s time for me to “learn how to dance in the rain.” The last couple nights of beautiful weather, things accomplished with family…and lots of smiles…make it impossible to complain about anything. I truly am blessed!



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