Fun Filled Family Week

What a week it’s been…but a great one! Started out with normal kid stuff, work, cows and a doctor appointment.  Once Wednesday hit it was go time for Leah! Wednesday she had dance rehearsal followed by a three hour dress rehearsal on Thursday to prepare the girls for recital on Friday night and Saturday afternoon! Leah handled rehearsal like a champ knowing that once home, she would be eating cake and opening presents for her 5th birthday! 



Even her cousins Haley, Jace and Garret popped in to celebrate with us. 

And then Friday came around, the big night for showtime but first a day of work and school! Asher was really excited about his new shoes and while I was putting them on him, he decided to headbutt me…right in the eye and right on the bone. Of all times….it has to be on one of our busiest weekends! One reason plavix and kids do not mix as my eye instantly began to bruise!   

So yes, a black eye just in time for the recital! I soon forgot about the throbbing pain and horrific color of my eye though as I saw Leah up on stage! She looked beautiful and did all of her dance steps on cue! She was precious! Humbled once again at how truly blessed I am with the role of being a mother! 

Proud mom watching Skyler in band and volleyball, Nathan in orchestra and football, and now our little Leah in dance recitals! We are also fortunate that we have family close by so all the grandparents were able to come watch Leah…and boy did she love getting flowers! I told my father in law I wasn’t going to blog this but the pictures were too good and we are so thankful that Grandpa and Grandma Lalk as well as Grandpa Steve and Grandma Vicky were able to come. It really made Leah happy knowing they were all there just to watch her!  


Big brother Nathan and older sister Skye even got to enjoy the show! 


Saturday night Tim and I were able to stop in to wish his cousin a happy birthday as a surprise party had been planned…and it was a success! It was nice to visit with family and friends we haven’t seen in a while. We then cruised around on the Harley shortly before returning home to relax with the kids from such a busy week.

The weekend ended with a perfect Mother’s Day! Kids surprised me with gifts before church. Boys got me a hanging basket, Leah made me a keychain in school and most surprisingly Skyler who turned 15 a couple of weeks ago got me a very neat cross. It’s hard raising a teenage daughter and a lot of times I find myself doubting the decisions I make for her and wonder if I’m too hard on her at times. It’s been a little bumpy with us lately but it’s the little out of the blue suprises and moments like this that ease those worries…so proud of all our kids!

After church Tim and Asher went to have lunch with his mom and family. Happy Mother’s Day to my amazing mother in law and while I’m sorry I missed their celebration, I was happy to be able to spend the day with my wonderful mom. We went with Grandpa Steve and Grandma Vicky along with my niece Mary, out for lunch at Carlos Okelley’s. Thanks again for lunch dad!


Leah, Skyler and I then tagged along to go see my grandmas who were pleasantly surprised as we did not tell them we would be coming along with my parents. As we crawled in to the back of the car the girls got excited for a road trip! 

First to great grandma doris’…

And then to great grandma Ruth’s…        

Was great seeing so much of our family and friends over the last few days! Too bad I have to have a black eye in all the pictures but I guess it will make for a good story later on when the kids are older! Perfect end to a perfect week and now I’m going to bed 😉 Hope you all had a nice celebration with the mothers in your life! 

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