Nothing much 

Well I haven’t blogged in a while so thought I’d do a quick update. As far as things medical, I am feeling the same. I am happy to say however, that I am really pushing the water and have probably only had one small pop in the last 10 days…and for those of you who know me, this is a huge accomplishment! Unfortunately I haven’t felt much different and I still continue to have my heart palpitations every day so I can at least rule out caffeine as a cause. Well, I already knew this but now I proved it to Tim! Ha!

I also rescheduled some appointments so that I will have all of June off from Iowa City. I will only have my eye appointment and then I’m done with doctors until July when I go back to my pulmonologist for the routine breathing tests and lung scans. To be honest, I’m tired of going and getting no answers so I think a break will do me good to regroup and regain focus on how good God really is. Like the doc said, I’ll just feel absolutely miserable…but I won’t drop dead! Oops, bitterness popped out there…this is why I really need the break from appointments 😉

Plus, June is going to be a crazy month with swimming lessons and drivers ed and work so I figured focus on the kids and my job as well for the month until things slow down a little bit in July. 

As far as Tim, he’s still plugging away at his job. Today was a day where I was “lucky” to help him at the farm after putting in a long day for my job. Before leaving however, I decided to mow quick…and within 5 minutes after Asher and I got on the mower, I discovered that Leah had changed! Why does “flower power” come to my mind everytime I look at this girl? 🌼🌸🌻


Once I finished mowing, we loaded the kids up and headed to the farm. They loved playing and messing around.


Nathan helped Tim with chores…    

As did Leah…we’ll sort of. She brought her barbies and a few toys to play with Elsa….the cow🐮  


And then I was up to help with two jobs that I will spare sharing. I stalled by giving Asher the run down on our business and took some selfies of course…and yes, Asher looks as thrilled as I do😊   

And Tim decided to do outside chores while I continued to stall…and take pictures.  

  🐄🐄Yep, looks like a tough job! Just kidding!!! I am amazed at the work my husband does to make sure he keeps the cows as healthy and clean as possible! 🐄🐄

 Ok so I can’t stall any longer and finally start to help Tim but remember…I’m allergic to cows so half way through job one I begin itching, once done with job one I begin sneezing, but hey, I’m half way through!! Job two I’m starting to sniffle even more and the itching is starting to make me cringe on top of the watery eyes. By the time we’re done I’ve developed a slight rash going up my right arm but nothing like I used to get…and as I write this now, I am feeling a lot better! The misery was short lasted and I was able to help my husband out so all is good! 

So that’s all I’ve got tonight. My health is the same but I’m pushing through. I’m able to take breaks as needed in order to fight the exhaustion but for heart palpitations, head pain and memory, I really don’t know what to do about that so I’m simply dealing with it. 

I’m so grateful for Tim because not only has he been busting butt at work, he’s helping out around here and even kept all the kids a couple of nights while I was able to go to a drivers Ed meeting with Skyler as well as her band concert. Unfortunately one night I could not have the kids, he was stuck with them at Nathan’s orchestra concert. I think we all know this isn’t the best setting for a two year old and then top that off with Leah! 

I was actually at the drivers Ed meeting with his sister Brenda and I knew it was going to be a rough night for Tim when he texts me at 6:34pm “I’ve had it with these kids already”…and the concert wasn’t to start until 7pm! Tim doesn’t know this but…I couldn’t resist showing Brenda his text and we just giggled!! Nathan also had to get signed up for football that night so the kids had already been a challenge! Apparently though, the night was horrible for him so I have a lot of making up to do! I’m so sorry babe!!

So again that’s it, nothing too exciting…well okay, something exciting has been developing and I hope to share the news soon so stay tuned in….and again NOOOO, I am not pregnant!! 


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