Don’t Try This At Home…

After being up early and working most of the morning, I decided to take a break and walk. I figure with the 5k coming up, I better see just how much “training” I will need to do! Leah was with Tim at chores so I loaded up Asher, along with my lemon water and we hit the bike trail. It was a beautiful day but after we started walking, I was extremely thankful for the cool breeze!

I’ve always been a fast walker so I was able to push Asher in his stroller at a fairly decent pace. I have an app on my phone to record my distance and speed so I pulled it out to see how I was doing. I was at .8 miles and just under 11 minutes so I decided I would run the last .2 miles to get under 11 and sure enough I was able to get a 10.55 pace! Yes…but noo!! I have to walk that mile back now! Asher sure did love it when I was running but sorry kiddo, that’s as much as I run for just starting back up again!

I put my phone away so I could focus on my walking, and on my breathing at this point, to just finish out my route…which we did! I now have my baseline. I finished with 1.8 miles around a 12 minute pace. Ouch, but now I have something to improve on over the next two months before the 5k walk. 

While I will admit I felt like I was going to be sick afterwards, along with the chest and head pressure, it felt great to get some real exercise in…just don’t mind my red face!☺️

I mean, we’re always on the run and I’m constantly chasing kids around or going up and down the stairs non stop throughout the day, our life is hectic but it felt good to be doing something consistent…and to be feeling that burn from my own intentional doing! 

After this weekend of really thinking about my situation, I figure I’m going to have my symptoms no matter what I’m doing whether I’m at home or out and about so I just as well be doing something that gives me a chance at feeling healthier! Don’t get me wrong though, as much as I hate to admit it, this little walk was tough for me to do and I will probably still need my naps during the day, but I did it! It’s a start and I will take what I can get πŸ˜‰

We came back home and I was able to put the rest of my work hours in for the day. Once Tim arrived home, I finally agreed to try something he’s been pushing me to do…but when you have to wear gloves to avoid burning your skin?! Skyler said she felt like we were scientists!


Well, Tim says he did a year’s trial with hydrogen peroxide on his cows and they have never been healthier…so I’ll be good to go right? With a very minimal dose…right?!


Awww, how sweet for him to join me…kind of like Romeo and Juliet perhaps???   

I would also like to share that I got a call from the Waverly Hospital and I will be able to set up a table on February 29th for rare disease day!! While I hate not being able to attend that day in Iowa City, I do feel this is a great opportunity for me to bring awareness locally! And if Sharon covers Iowa City with me covering Waverly, maybe we will have a better chance of peeking interest in some local doctors who want to get involved with our care as well! It’s worth the shot anyway!

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