It’s Go Time

The week is finally here. It is going to be filled with five appointments, four of which are in Iowa City but thankfully I was able to manage to get all but one scheduled on the same day there! In the eight years I’ve been going, that is as rare as my disease!

Tomorrow afternoon I go to neurology for my brain. I am hoping to find answers as to why my head is so messed up…so to speak. I continue to have that foggy hangover feeling every morning, forcing me to take the first few minutes of my day trying to figure out what I did last night, what day it is and what I am supposed to be doing. I also have the head pressure that is unremarkable. Not to mention the extreme forgetfullness I experience every day throughtout the entire day! Tim has even acknowledged that I am bad and seem to slowly be getting worse.

While filling out the questionnaire online, which is a joke because I experience every symptom listed on there…but remember, that’s ok because I have FM 🙂 Anyway, I noticed the doctor I  am seeing tomorrow specializes in dementia! So, while I am praying for answers tomorrow, I am praying all this extreme head fog and confusion and forgetfullness will indeed just be due to me being so busy, too much going on in our lives…and nothing more.

Tuesday will come the dreaded eye appointment, finding out if my eye has gotten worse and if so, possibly resulting in immediate intervention…shots in my eye. I don’t actually know what I will do, if I would actually get the injection right then and there, or if I would leave to go searching for a second opinion. But, wouldn’t that be a joke because of my disease and how long would that take to get lined up? Would more damage happen to my eye in the meantime? I’m in for a lot of praying over the next couple of days!

Regardless of what I find out Monday or Tuesday, the following couple of days will be focused on family. Leah will be getting registered Thursday night for the next year of dance and she sure is excited! Skyler will be going to volleyball camp this week and we will finally be working our way back in to the school routine including Leah starting kindergarten and Nathan starting football…more craziness…but so much to be thankful for!

Then on Friday I am back to Iowa City for a dermatology check up on my fingers and hands, which haven’t shown much improvement, and then I will go to my new referral for the new issues I have been experiencing over the last three months. I also have some scheduled tests set up for that day as well in regard to the new referral and I am really praying they will find answers to help me!

On a positive note, while I still experience my symptoms of chest/head pressure, shortness of breath, forgetfullness, etc…I have had energy!!! Since Wednesday I have been a cleaning fool! And not just cleaning but actually sorting through and organizing! I have even been cooking dinner every night and playing with the kids!  I did cartwheels and handstands with Leah and boy was the look on her face priceless!! And so was Tim’s, haha! I absolutely love it because I am staying up past the kids’ bedtime, spending quality time with them during the day and being productive throughout the day as well!! I am excited about cleaning simply because I have the energy to do it!

And yes that probably sounds crazy but when sickness overtakes me, I truly do appreciate the times I am well enough to enjoy the simplest things with my kids or accomplish even the smallest tasks! Whatever this new energy is from, I am going to make sure and continue with my routine!

This is going to be a long and emotional week for me because regardless of what happens, it scares me that I am…well, I am not old enough to be going to a doctor in regard to dementia, but then I guess I’m not old enough to have eight stents or to be going to a heart doctor or a lung doctor… Anyway, yes that’s just his specialty but sometimes I just get frustrated with the positions and testing that I find myself in.  Please say a prayer for me that I do not lose focus of how good God is no matter what the outcome might me.  Also please pray for my family as they continue to walk with me on this journey as well. I came across this song the other day in my play list and think it will need to be close to me this week…

2 thoughts on “It’s Go Time

  1. arendsintexas says:

    Soooooo happy to hear you have had energy! That’s amazing!! I’ll be praying for you and thinking of you all week. Call anytime if you want to. Hoping for the best at all appointments but especially your eye appt. love you!

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