Limited Options 

As far as timing and appointments running back to back from 11:30am to 2:00pm, it couldn’t have gone any smoother! I was able to get in and out with each appointment so that I made it to the next one on time. 

I started with dermatology and while my hands and arms looked awful from the rash I tend to get on occasion, I was proud to tell him my fingernails looked better. After reviewing pictures from the last time I was there in March though…the doctor said my nails really weren’t any better. Darn! Again, they were fascinated by my skin and decided to scrape some spots and run it under the microscope, but nothing was found. Still intrigued, they decided to do a punch biopsy to see if that would help them be able to determine the reason why my skin and fingers get so bad.

 The doctor said he was hopeful that the biopsy would bring answers but if nothing showed up then he really would not be able to tell me what was causing this. 

As far as my other appointments, well, it’s been due to female problems and once again they could not determine the direct cause. Some of my symptoms could be due to the medications I take for my stents, and as noted in my chart, nobody had ever seen anything like this. And again, because of my FM, they chose to make surgery the last resort, however, because of my diabetes, some of the medications I could not take, so I was really left with one option to try. I am hopeful that in a couple of months most of my symptoms will have gotten better and this treatment works otherwise the doctor did say we will have to eventually look at doing surgery.

After talking with Tim, I have decided that the sleep study and MRI that I have coming up this week will be it for tests. If the results come back normal I am going to be done with seeking answers and accept what it is. I have a chronic and rare disease so symptoms are going to flare up without reason. 

I have also decided that I am going to have Tim talk to my eye doctor because when I did my first eye surgery Tim remembers the doctor saying he would never do more than two on each eye, yet I am scheduled for my fourth surgery on my left eye. Hopefully Tim can get some clarification as to what exactly we are aiming for and if this is a surgery that is just to be expected in order to prevent any vision loss, or if another alternative is available. 

While I have prayed so hard to have just one appointment where I can walk in, the doctor can give me a straight answer as to what is wrong with me, and actually do something to ease my pain and symptoms, I do realize that will probably never be the case because of my disease.  I do know I am complicated and they need to make sure and check things from every angle 😉 But that’s ok because I know God has a purpose for all of this and will continue to lead me down the right path. 

I am extremely grateful for how much the doctors have helped me and especially so thankful that the doctors today are listening and trying to find answers. But with this disease, sometimes answers simply can’t be found. 

With that being said, I will continue to drink my “special” water and my lemon oil because the energy it has given me is amazing, and who knows, maybe that will end up being the answer I’ve been searching for all these years! 😏

Thanks mom for helping with the kids and for a delicious dinner! Have a great weekend everyone!

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