Quick update…along with a sneak peek

Tomorrow I am off to Iowa City for an MRI of my brain. It has been a trying week so I opted to do this trip alone! I’m hoping that I can maybe hit a few little shops afterwards and try to make the most of it, but we will just have to wait and see. I thought the MRA of my leg was bad but at least I got to wear headphones for that! I doubt I can wear headphones for a brain scan?? And I’m really not looking forward to my head being inside the machine this time…and for almost an entire hour!! So once again I am asking for prayers that I don’t freak out once the procedure starts! 😳😁

My sleep study was also rescheduled for a night next week and I am hopeful that they will be able to get what they need this time around! 

As far as my eye surgery, I still don’t want to do it and have been coming up with excuses as to how to get out of it. We do still need to call and visit with the doctor to get clarification on a few things before I have the surgery on Tuesday.

So, not much new to report and unfortunately it looks to be another long week ahead.

On a more positive note…I received my draft of my book and have already went through and made a few minor changes. Once we get these last few changes made, I do believe that my book will be on the market!!! Here is a one page preview…📖 Ahhhh!!! 


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