Good news to end the week 

According to my own interpretation after reading my results online😊, I am happy to say the MRI results look to have come back negative for fluid on my brain and brain disease! Haha, those are apparently the specific things they checked for. I do still need to wait for the call from my neurologist but with that being said, I am not going to proceed with the spinal tap, even if my sleep study shows nothing. 

Again, not that I’m giving up but my lung doctor had just confirmed that a lot of these tests aren’t going to show just how severe my symptoms are. That’s the bad part about FM. While I am glad the doctors are ruling out all of the other possibilities, I do think I have been through enough testing in the last couple of weeks to be content with the fact that all of my symptoms are indeed due to my disease…which I assumed.

Of course I would like something to verify why my head is so foggy and yes answers would be nice to justify these other symptoms but like I said before, it’s a matter of just accepting what it is and knowing that I am going to have bad days…or weeks, but they will pass…eventually…or I simply learn to live with the symptoms 😊 At least we now know there are no other serious health issues going on with me.

So let’s get the eye surgery and sleep study out of the way and then I can just continue with my natural remedies and try to cure myself! 😉

And for the next couple of days, it’s time to focus on my husband and all of his hard work that he does to keep us moving forward. Monday is our special day at the Iowa State Fair and we are looking so forward to it. Again, we are just so honored that our friends thought of us to nominate for the Way We Live award. I know Tim is doubting himself big time on being deserving of this award but he has worked so extremely hard to get us where we are today…all while being with me at every procedure and almost every medical appointment…and that’s been a lot especially over the past few years!

And of course we know that God has played every part in this because with all of the recent discouraging news about my health, my eyes and all of the crazy tests that seem to be never ending…well thank You God for giving us some exciting news, a little break from the rain! All in His time! 

To be getting away and actually going somewhere other than the hospital…an actual family day together after such a long and uneventful summer is going to be great!!! God has truly blessed us more than we deserve!

And thanks again Dave and Angie!! ☺️ You guys are awesome and Monday is going to be a good day!!!

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