Finally…A Day At the Pool!

Today we switched things up a bit and went to a local church here in town. There were a lot of people that welcomed us and the pastor also came over to introduce himself and welcome us as well. Leah and Asher did absolutely amazing for sitting in the service with us the entire time! Well, about five minutes before it was over, Asher got the giggles and thought it would be funny to kick off his shoes…over and over again, so I took him out for the remainder of the service. Very nice church and very friendly people!

We then came home, grabbed a quick lunch and headed to the Falls in Cedar Falls. Kids were so excited to go…


And me, well I was excited to FINALLY use my 31 tote I got specifically for the pool! I asked Skyler to take a picture of my bag and she of course had to take it as a selfie showing how excited she was too (smartie pants)…but look!!! Flip flops on the tote!!! Simple pleasures 😊


Everyone had a great time!   


It’s always snack time for Asher!   

 Skye gets her love for photography from grandpa Steve…although he never took selfies  πŸ˜‰   

And you can’t have a day at the pool without stopping for ice cream…  

Which then led to bath time, supper time and bedtime!! 

People often read my blog and shake their head while asking me, “how do you do it?” Well…God blesses me with days like this πŸ˜‰

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