Done…And Not A Single Flattering Picture!

As great as the last few days have been, it doesn’t take long to get back in to the routine of appointments and procedures…

 Beginning steps of my eye surgery…nothing beats having an “L” on my forehead…  

Tim working on selfies right before the doctor came back in…   
And this time, Tim had the perfect view. First the doctor had come in to give me the injection and once he left to let the numbness soak in, Tim was ecstatic in showing me with his fingers just how long the needle was. He says with excitement that it had to have been at least four inches long and “I can’t believe he stuck it all the way in!” First off, please don’t find any type of amusement in the fact that I just got stuck, near my eyeball, with a needle that big! 

Tim kept going on and on that he knew they used a big needle because he’s seen it but he’s never seen them stick me and “can’t believe that whole thing went in! And you’ve done that five times!” Haha…some women impress their men with getting all dressed up or getting a new hair style, but me….well, I’m just “special.” Anyways, this is what that big ole shot does…


Once the laser surgery started Tim was instructed to put on glasses to protect his own eyes…  

Can you guess how this ride home went? Ha!      

So that was our morning 😉 Definitely not the most comfortable situation to be in but I guess, are any of my situations ever pleasant?! On a positive note, the doctor said he will be surprised if this surgery doesn’t work…I won’t say anything negative here 😝 I follow up in four months to see the results!

Once home though, the night turned to total chaos! Nathan’s location and time for football practice was changed two times, Skyler was making up for a canceled practice this morning…and all of these emails and changes were being made between 4-6:30pm…yep the worse time for Tim because he has chores and now along with running the kids around because I can’t drive…and all last minute! Skyler ended up driving to her stuff…and that was the most intense 12 minutes of praying I did until I got her message that she was at school!! As if this day wasn’t stressful enough!!  

Thankfully Tim was still able to make it to our church small group…a good night for him to get away and regroup!

This is one of the reasons I blog so much on any of the fun days we have. I know some people might question some of the things I put on here and I’m not trying to boast by any means. The thing is, the last week was amazing and then just like that…well, today was not! Haha! Our good days seem to be far and few in between so we have to find ways to make it a good day. When we do have amazing things happening in our lives, we want to share how God always shines through in the midst of sadness, frustration, pain and heartache! 

The award and all this stuff with my book…spending time with the kids at the pool or simply messing around outside…yes to some of you, what is the big deal right? But to us, all these blessings are presented to us at the perfect time, at a time when Tim and I start to lose focus and become overwhelmed with all of the challenges. All these little things to you, are huge reminders to us that God is still right here with us and providing us with a renewed sense of hope!

We truly have to appreciate the good days God blesses us with, and make the best out of every opportunity given because things change fast…and in those not so good situations, we simply have to trust God to carry us through…because these challenges are blessings too, we just don’t see it sometimes. 

So on a lighter note…I have walked in to a door, burned dinner, burned my finger while cooking dinner and about fell down the stairs…this is from not seeing because of my patch….but my family would argue that it could also just be any other regular day for me 😜 

I have a headache from typing with just one eye and the loud muffler pulling in the driveway means Skye is safely home so I’m going to bed 😉  

One thought on “Done…And Not A Single Flattering Picture!

  1. countrysjr says:

    I don’t know why, but this one really hit me hard. I know you have a good outlook on things but today had to be rough ❤ I can't imagine how hard this is – You are amazing and I realllllly wish I could learn the cow stuff to help you!!

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