Attempt Two…Success

I was able to go in for my sleep study again and thankfully this time there were no problems! I was hooked up within the half hour and ready for bed. As I was readjusting my pillows the nurse asked what I was doing because I had them stacked on top of each other. I told her I sleep with my head elevated because of my disease and she says “no no no that’s why you’re at a sleep study to figure out what’s going on.” I didn’t argue but wanted to point out I was simply there because of the fogginess an extreme fatigue, I already knew what was causing the other issues that I needed my head elevated for. 

So I was left there to sleep laying flat with only one pillow and two belts tightly secured around my chest and stomach…definitely not the ideal situation with my SVC syndrome! Surprisingly though, I did fall asleep….just not a very peaceful sleep!

And yes, I am wearing my FM shirt…again! They are just too comfortable but if I keep taking selfie’s I might need to change things up once in a while☺️  
Now I am to the point where I can’t tell you when my next appointment is because I know the rest of the month is clear and I don’t look any further than what’s a week ahead! Wahoo! How awesome is that?! Surgeries and testing and procedures over…for a little bit anyway, but I will take what I can get!

And to top off the afternoon, we took Leah to drop her school supplies off since she will be starting kindergarten on Monday!!! This just doesn’t seem possible already! I will be okay though!?😂😭😢  



Now it’s time for me to catch up on some sleep! Enjoy the weekend everyone.

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