We survived the first day of kindergarten!

It finally came and went…Leah’s first day of kindergarten!! I can’t even type that without getting teary eyed! It doesn’t seem real that our little princess is officially in school! But it started with hesitation…

The night before, Leah began crying and saying she didn’t want to go to school. Rocking her, rubbing her hair and trying to comfort her, flashed me back to a time when colic had set in…and I don’t know why but I saw myself with her only a few months old, rocking her in our green recliner at our old house, doing whatever I could to comfort her…and now here I was doing the same thing as she’s getting ready for school! Where did those years go?! I will admit, I wanted to tell her she didn’t have to go to school and could stay with mommy and daddy…but I didn’t πŸ˜‰

Tim and I continued to try and comfort her and she eventually was able to fall asleep.

Thankfully this morning when I woke her up with excitement about it being her first day of school, she jumped right up, got dressed and was ready to go. I always make the kids a special breakfast for their first day but Leah seemed too anxious to eat.   

Leah had also changed her mind about me taking her to school and now wanted to ride the bus. She also refused to let me do her hair and put anything in her backpack as she could do it all by herself! What?! Is she going in to Highschool?! 

It was then time to wait for the bus. As they were walking, Leah reached for Nathan’s had and he looked back at us then took her hand in his. We reminded him that he is her older brother and we need to watch out for each other…he gave us the fist pump with a thumb’s up indicating he’s got it!   

Asher was just as sad to see them go…    


But no worries, I’m one of those moms…and we followed the bus!! And then Skyler sends us a text saying she saw Leah on the bus and she looked nervous so Skyler got on the bus to encourage Leah that she would have a good day. And then came the next text picture…Skyler is beautiful…and I really should have done Leah’s hair 😊

Skyler did call after school, however, to say that Leah started crying when she saw her but thankfully she was fine by the time she got home. Leah came running up to greet us with hugs and right away said she started crying when she saw Skyler because she missed us😭 Both Leah and Nathan then filled us in on the highlights of their day!

So, we are very thankful that the kids all had a great first day at school overall. Leah is ready to go back tomorrow, although Nathan and Skyler, probably not so much πŸ˜‰

And I am extremely proud of Nathan and Skyler for stepping up and doing whatever necessary in order to willingly help their baby sister get through such an important, yet scary start to a whole new world!! 

God is good!


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