It’s that time of year!

I must admit, while it was nice having a quiet and full day of work, it was pretty sweet watching daddy with his new sidekick now that Leah is in school! Asher really stepped up and was ready to “help” in any way that he could!   

Tim filling up the ranger with branches…   

And Asher throwing them back out 😍 


Then 3:30pm came and the crazy starts up again. Tim and I have always tried to make it to every event the kids are in but now we are to the point where Nathan’s football and Skyler’s volleyball are overlapping. Tonight was Skyler’s invitational in Cedar Falls, my old stomping ground, so of course I didn’t want to miss this! She did awesome as did all of the girls and I was extremely proud of her! She made just about every hit that came her way!!!   

Way to call it out!! 

I brought Asher and he did awesome the first three games…but Skyler played nine!!! Thankfully grandpa Steve and grandma Vicky were there to help entertain him and boy was he full of love tonight!   


The popcorn and twizzlers held him over for a little while!   

Nathan just had football practice tonight so I didn’t miss a game! 

But unfortunately Tim will miss the majority of Skye’s games because he will need to get Nathan to and from practice during the week days but she knows he is cheering her on if he is there or not! I guess this is all part of having kids in different sports and I am extremely proud of Skye and Nathan for sticking it out and being a part of the team! 

Plus Skye will have Saturday tournaments and Nathan will have Sunday games so at least on the weekend we should all be able to pull together and show our support to both of them! This crazy schedule doesn’t even include Leah’s dance, Skyler’s color guard and all of the extras both Skye and Nathan will do at varsity games!!

That reminds me…any good recommendations on a babysitter?! 😉

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