Oh my aching back!

Well, I bragged about no appointments for a couple of weeks and what happens? Stupid back problems!

I’ve had issues with my back going out in the past when I have picked up the kids or bent over the wrong way, but almost three weeks ago when that lower back ache came, I wondered what I had done. I waited patiently for it to subside but instead it got worse. So last week after I got the kids off to their first day of school, I called the doctor. The pain had been going on for over a week and was not letting up.

It was decided that an MRI of my back needed to be done after a physical exam showed that my lumbar spine had “disappeared.” Unfortunately the scheduler was about a week behind but I was hopeful my back would get better in the meantime. I was prescribed the fun prednisone and aleve. Remember though, prednisone makes my sugars goofy but I was able to monitor them to make sure they didn’t get terribly high and I also got that nice wired feeling…too bad my back only got worse.

Friday I attempted to go in to work but the office chair about killed me! Within 20 minutes, I knew I would have to go home to finish out my hours as my dining room chair had been allowing me to work more comfortable from home. I also called my doctor to let him know I was slowly getting worse. I was able to get some prescription medication for the pain, however, that did not help either.

By the end of the weekend I was walking funny, sometimes almost collapsing from the weak sensation running through my legs but I couldn’t sit too long either or the pain once again became unbearable. Church was rough to get through but the car ride home was worse. Every bump made the drive that much more miserable and pressing on the gas left me praying for God just to get me home so that I could stretch out and relieve some of this pain.

Monday I finally called the person in charge of scheduling and she was extremely helpful but of course insurance had been the hold up. She called me back a little after 5pm and said the MRI had been authorized and after she called Covenant hospital, they agreed to get me in immediately.

So I rushed, well, as fast as my broken body would allow, and I loaded up the little ones along with Nathan then dropped him off at football. Tim was at chores so I called my parents and thankfully they were able to meet me at the hospital and watch the kids while I did my testing. Once again, my parents’ night interrupted by their problem middle child! I’m so glad they love me πŸ˜—

Frustation easily took over today when I had a missed call from the referral nurse informing me that my doctor had referred me to a neuro surgeon due to having a protrusion…I guess the MRI results are in!

Apparently I have a couple of bad spots on my spine but how did this happen?? I have a disc extrusion, or something, in one area of my lower back and then in another area of my lower back I have a broad base disc tear so I will be meeting with a neuro surgeon to see what our next steps are. At this point I have not researched to see what this means and I did not ask many questions. All I can do is pray and give this to God because I’m pretty fed up with my health. I guess on the positive side, we may have discovered what has been causing my mysterious leg pain as well!

And while every day I have been pretty miserable with this back pain and my heart palpitations that continue to be a bother, every day I also receive amazing blessings such as a simple smile from our children, to help push away the negative thoughts that try to creep in to my mind. I don’t like being the one that has something wrong with me ALL THE TIME! I don’t like that every single part of my body is messed up and I don’t like wondering what if one of these times I don’t bounce back? I hate it but thankfully we have an amazing God who has the strength that I lack and continues to carry me through these discouraging days.

I am thankful that God shows His love for me every day through Leah when she comes running to me with her arms extended as she gets off the bus and every night ends with goodnight hugs from all of the kids. I am thankful for the entertaining and sweet conversations the kids and I have and being able to listen to Leah explain to me how she “loves sleep now” because she’s tired from being gone all day long ☺️ She is really loving school while Nathan said he’s ready for summer to be here again!

So at least with the MRI of my leg, my brain and now my back as well as a ct scan of my chest all done within the last six months…I should be good to go on testing for awhile! Oh, and the sleep results should be in sometime soon too πŸ™‚

And dang it dad!!!! Just as I was finishing up this blog he sent me a text about the song he heard on the radio today that made him think of me…and yes, I needed to hear this song and God’s timing was perfect once again with my dad reaching out to me in this moment. Love you dad and I am doing the 5k in September if I have to crawl! Haha!


One thought on “Oh my aching back!

  1. arendsintexas says:

    Ugh..I’m glad you are actually getting some answers but obviously not exactly the best answers. :/ Great title for your blog, I totally hear your mom’s voice when I read it! πŸ™‚ I wish we had been able to move to CF, like we wanted to. Love you lots and if we can help, please let us know. I’m glad your faith is helping you through all of this junk! ❀

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