Relief Coming My Way…Hopefully!

Tuesday I go to the doctor to discuss my options for pain management, which will most likely be epidural injections! This back pain has prevented me from seeing my kids play volleyball and football because the games are so far away I can’t tolerate the long car ride. I struggle with walking, sitting, driving and just about every aspect of my daily routine. I even had to get up and walk out of church to relieve some of the pain in my back from sitting, but then by the time I got downstairs, I had to sit again from the extreme leg pain of walking!

I am to the point where I might not leave the doctor Tuesday until I get that injection! I have gotten messages from people who had an injection due to back problems, and by the time they left their appointment, they felt so much better. Instant relief!! I can’t imagine what that would be like but I am hoping to experience it on Tuesday! 

Saturday, my family and I were able to go down to our local park and hear some Christian speakers as well as see Jason Gray perform. I also got to meet Kendra Smiley, who does The Next Right Choice on 101.9! As I was talking to her I said “sometimes I don’t want to listen to you” and she kind of gave the worker next to her a look then laughed and said just like her kids. Right as those words came out of my mouth I knew I shouldn’t have said that because really, she doesn’t know me…or my sense of humor! Geez, I’m lucky she didn’t yell for security! Thankfully I was able to follow with letting her know that her words have always come to me and inspired me at the most appropriate times! Whewww! 

So while I was constantly getting up to walk around, then sitting back down to rest, then back up, then back down, I listened to one of the gals say “all of the pain you’ve been feeling can’t compare to the glory ahead.” I felt instant relief knowig that while my pain has seemed to be never ending…someday it will all be gone and well worth it…. just maybe not too soon though 😉

The weather was beautiful, the kids wore themselves out playing and Tim and I got the chance to listen to some encouraging words and some great music. 

Kendra Smiley   

Jason Gray   

Enjoy the week everyone and always find something in every day to smile about ☺️

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