Slowly but surely…I hope

Well, the epidural injection has finally happened, and while I didn’t get instant relief, I do think my leg might be a little bit better tonight! I started getting nervous on the way to the appointment today and told Tim how painful it sounded. He just blew it off and said “are you kidding? I know how tough you are, this is nothing compared to what you have had done to you.” And that was that.

Tim has been pushing my book and for those of you who follow us in the Twitter world…I am sorry! I am sorry that he is blowing up Twitter by tweeting everyone and their mother! So, of course since we were going to Waterloo, he wanted to hit a few potential “selling spots” before my appointment.

I had to pick up some pants for Skyler so he dropped me off at the mall then took Asher over to the Christian bookstore to see about getting my book on their shelf. While the ladies were extremely nice, they had no control over what goes on the shelf and directed him to call corporate then gave him the contact information. 

Meanwhile, I am still at the mall patiently waiting, perhaps a little frustrated at the fact that he’s taking so long because remember, my back and leg have yet to feel better and it doesn’t take much walking…or sitting, before the pain flares up. Finally, he pulled up and I saw this on the front seat…a study bible, something I’ve been looking to get for a long time.   He sure does know how to lift me up when I need it the most.

So off to my injection I went and yes I was instantly annoyed the minute I sat down to wait. Nothing particular, just the fact that here I am again, waiting for yet another not so comfortable procedure, all while knowing Tim is racking his brain figuring out how much work he has to do when he gets back because of another day at the doctor with me. But he doesn’t show his frustration, surprisingly, and instead finds ways to make me laugh and keep me calm. 

I really like the doctor and as I was back in the surgical room he told me about how he had taken the time to research my disease and how rare it truly is…perhaps simply trying to distract me from what was to come. We then started the procedure. The injection to numb the area stung and a lot of pressure was felt as he injected the medicine but then it was over. I was given the run down on the recovery and instructed to do no driving, heavy lifting or bending such as laundry or vacuuming, etc. I told Tim and he just laughed saying I’d obviously been on that restriction for a long time. 😛  And of course due to it being a steroid shot…yep, gotta keep an eye on my sugars the next couple of days due to them spiking higher from the injection.

I did not get instant relief but the nurse did say I might feel worse before it gets better. Plus my mom is just happy I will start taking my Plavix again tomorrow! We came home…well after Tim was crushed…and I’ll spare details but say this…just because a barn might be happy does not mean Tim is happy 😉

I have been resting and icing my back most of the night while Tim is rushing to get chores done between taking and picking Nathan up from football. The kids have been playing great so that I don’t have to worry about any lifting or bending.  

 I also missed yet another volleyball match but thankful for my dear friend Dusty who provided updates via text on how Skyler was doing as her daughter was playing against Waverly tonight. Dusty was even nice enough to share with me that Waverly beat them! What a good friend! Haha!

I will continue with my physical therapy and hopefully in the next few days I will start to see results with my back and that the leg pain especially, will start to disappear! The good news is that I know I will not be worse off than I started for my nephew’s wedding this weekend!!

Thank you for all the prayers and thank you Tim for the overwhelming excitement you have been expressing over my book! While I might be just a little bit embarrassed, I am glad to have you by my side knowing that you are my biggest supporter in life! Love you!

Ohh, P.S….Please pray for Tim as his back is really hurting him tonight…😁😒😊

One thought on “Slowly but surely…I hope

  1. Thessa says:

    You are a smiling warrior. Who smiles during the battle? Really? Who does that? People how know and trust the Living God. I am so sorry for your trials. I am so blessed to see Him glorified in your lives. Praying for you to experience relief, for Tim’s back and for you to … BE BORED OUTTA YER SKULL FOR AWHILE. XO

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