Weekend of blessings 

As for a quick update on my back..still not much relief from the injection. Unfortunately after talking to my physical therapist, I am wondering if I just need to wait the pain out. At my appointment Friday, my physical therapist is still trying to figure out how she can help me to avoid surgery. She feels that the herniated disc is simply too large, however, she is being patient with me because I am standing very firm on my decision that I will not do any type of back surgery. My back is okay but my leg has yet to show much improvement. I continue to struggle with standing or sitting too long. I still have hope that it will get better and I am praying within a few days that I will start to notice a difference from the injection. 

Then this weekend was my nephew Tyler’s wedding and what a great time it was! The wedding was beautiful and I could not believe that it was my sister Michelle and her husband Jeff walking down the aisle with their oldest son Tyler!! If you’ve read my book, you will be able to put some of the names to faces. Tyler is my nephew who ran my first 5k with me after I received my first set of stents.  

The entire Runde clan and my dad were the ones who took me on my first portaging experience in the boundary waters! These guys will do anything and everything to help out and support family! Love you all! 

  While Asher did not do well flashing a smile for pictures… he did start a new trend called “the Asher” in which the entire wedding party put their heads down and then peeked up with a frown for the picture…which I can’t wait to see! 
Of course he was all smiles later on and most importantly…he walked down the aisle!!

The wedding was followed by a great reception and I got to see Julie!!!! My amazing cousin!! Growing up it was always my cousin Julie, me and my sister…we always had a blast together and even though we don’t see each other as often, we can always pick right up from where we left off.  

This weekend we realized…we are the “oldies” and now here our kids are growing up! Here are Ashley and Emma, my brother’s daughters with Skye…It was so fun to hear the girls laughing together and brought back all the memories of when they were younger and inseparable…but they’re all teenagers!!  

When everyone was leaving and saying our goodbyes I couldn’t help but tear up. I get to see my siblings and their families throughout the year but cousin Julie…was the hardest to say goodbye to. It has been over four years since we had seen each other…and we used to call each other daily!! She has gotten me through a lot of tough times in life…and she was the crazy one to go see New Kids on the Block with me at age 15..and 30!! Haha! Where has the time gone and why do we wait for just “special” occasions to get together?? 

My other bestie and sister in law Sarah was here as well so it was great seeing her but we didn’t get a picture 😦 And this is our Uncle Matt…who experienced the aftermath of us seeing New Kids On The Block during our teen years 😀      

A little Becky and Julie…watch out world!  

Leah loved dancing with cousin Mary and it was hard to get Leah off the dance floor!    

It was a great weekend to celebrate with family along with my nephew and his wife on their new start as husband and wife together!!

I also got a lot of questions over the weekend just exactly where to buy my book from so I will give a quick update on that as well. I am very happy to say that Wiley’s Christian bookstore in Cedar Falls has agreed to stock their shelf with my book and already put an order in on Friday!! Thank you mom and Wanda for supporting me and if anyone’s in that area make sure and check it out within the next couple of weeks! 

Tim also continues to plug away and with Sumner being his hometown, he got a lot of response! Lande, a real estate company/antique store out of Sumner, bought books on the spot from Tim and they are selling them out of their location. The new shop Maker’s Market in Sumner will also be selling my book on their shelves, I believe starting next Thursday! That shop is pretty neat and has some amazing things, especially some very cool personalized engravings so check it out if you are close by!

As far as places to purchase in Waverly, the Waverly Democrat, our local newspaper, took some of my books immediately to sell so you can pick one up there. She apparently was extremely excited and will also be calling to do an article in the newspaper as well as a possible video for the Internet! Yikes! Not to mention Renewed Purpose, a local shop in Waverly already has a few of my books on their shelf too!! We are so thankful for some of our local retailers being so willing to support us! 

And finally, this Tuesday October 6th at 8:30am I am doing a live interview on 99.3Kway, our local radio station here in Waverly, to promote my book and bring awareness to fibrosing mediastinitis, as well as to encourage others to never give up…another yikes!!

So write the interview on your calendar now if you want to listen otherwise I am not giving out reminders😉 For those of you who know me…I ramble and don’t make sense when put on the spot! Yes, I  am one of those people who leaves a 3 minute message then will call back and leave another 3 minute message apologizing for the first message…right Sarah?! ☺️  

So that’s the update and thank you Tim! While I am pretty nervous about some of the interviews, this is God’s book and it is all in His hands! Just pray He gives me the right words to speak 😉

Thank you to all who have either bought a form of my book, have shared posts or have left reviews! We truly do appreciate all of your support in helping me bring awareness to this nasty disease!! 

3 thoughts on “Weekend of blessings 

  1. Sarah (@arendsintexas) says:

    I had some catching up to do on your blogs today so I just saw this. I would like to confirm that your interview was 10x better than your phone messages!! Maybe even 100x…. 😀 Just kidding, you know I love (laughing at) your messages. Your interview was awesome and the only advice I was going to say, you said already – mention where to find you online. It was great to see you all this weekend, and I especially loved seeing the girls be their teenage selves together. Love ya!

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