On Our Way To Awareness 

Today I got to do my very first promotion for my book on our local radio station 99.3 Kway Waverly! I sure was nervous but Tim and Asher were there to keep me distracted until it was time for me to do the interview. 

Once they came out to get me I felt like I was walking in to the principal’s office…not that I would really know what that’s like though 😉 Before I went live, the djs asked me a few questions which made me feel more at ease knowing I would be able to answer them. And then it was go time…

I was a little nervous and had been praying for God to give me the right words to say. Again, I am a very shy person and when younger, I was always the first one to class, the first one to anything…just so I didn’t have to walk in front of anyone and direct attention towards myself…and now I’m live on radio, trying to get peoeple to read my story where I am sharing all of my emotions and feelings that I put down on paper….the emotions and feelings I had tried so hard to hide at times! Never in my wildest imagination did I think this is where God would lead me…soooo far out of my comfort zone. It’s crazy but absolutely amazing!

After about 10 minutes it was over. My voice didn’t tremble so bad that they couldn’t understand me, I didn’t get sick or pass out 😉 and minus forgetting to explain some of the most important details…what fibrosing mediastinitis actually is and how ill I was…or giving my website, I think it went okay! I am attaching the interview for those who aren’t on Facebook or in the local area to hear it.

Thanks again to 99.3 Kway Waverly for giving me the chance to share my story!



One thought on “On Our Way To Awareness 

  1. Nancy Lalk says:

    The interview was AWESOME! I felt SO PROUD & I’m only the Aunt-IN-LAW! Tim said that “Family Christian Store” told him in order to have your book for sale in the store he needed to go through corporate. That’s what they said when I wanted to leave a poster for Aaron’s Benefit & sadly to say I never followed up. Tell him he NEEDS to follow thru on your book. It’s just so amazing not only about your disease, but love & The Lord! Tell him Aunt Nancy said so! Love – Hugs & Prayers, Aunt Nancy


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