A weekend where pain wasn’t as big of a distraction…

I am happy to say I am FINALLY getting some relief in regard to my back and leg!! I’m not sure if it’s the injection kicking in or the fact I had almost been home bound the last three months…but I feel better…and just in time for a fun filled weekend!

Saturday we celebrated Asher’s birthday and he was potty trained by Friday so officially before 3 years old! No more diapers!! We had a busy day of playing outside then we went to the Bremer Diner for  delicious dinner! The kids did great as this was the first time in a long time, that we had taken them out to eat!    

 Asher even got a special piece of birthday cake which we planned to take home with us…but once he started eating…he didn’t stop!  
Then it was time to come home and open presents!   

Sunday morning…bright and early, Nathan played football in the Unidome…

We played against Sumner, Tim’s hometown, meaning Nathan also played against his cousin! We lost by two points but it was a close game and it was a lot of fun to see them play together! I cheered for Waverly but of course when Trey made some good plays, we cheered for him too because of course we want to seem them both do well!

We then finished celebrating Asher’s birthday by attempting his first movie ever at the movie theater! This time big sister got to celebrate with us…and he did great! We were all able to watch the entire movie without any fits….or potty breaks!


 Then we were able to come home and do cake!


Tim went and did chores then we finished off our busy weekend at small group…which was much appreciated as Tim and I were able to regroup, let go of some frustrations that had been building up and get back on track with focusing on what really matters! 

Enjoy the beautiful fall weather!!

2 thoughts on “A weekend where pain wasn’t as big of a distraction…

  1. Nancy Lalk says:

    EVERYTHING about this says LOVE – FAMILY & TOGETHERNESS! Thankful for relief & BELIEF! AWESOME what The Lord & Small Group can do for you! You are BLESSED 💞 Love – Hugs & Prayers, Aunt Nancy

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