A chance to slow down…

I had my two week follow up with my doctor and he suggested that I could do another injection but since I am showing some progress, I am waiting to see if my back/leg continues to improve over time. 

I am down to physical therapy twice a week and while I still notice pain in my leg, it is significantly better and I am back to being able to do most of the things I need to be doing…but still with frequent breaks in between.

As for my FM, it’s that time of year. With the cold and windy air, my symptoms have started to flare up especially the headaches and increased chest pressure which brings on the cough, but otherwise I am hopeful that I will not need to go see any of my doctors before my scheduled appointments in December and January. A full 6 months!! That seems forever after this last bout of problems I have had, so 6 months is an extremely huge blessing!! 

This was our last week of crazy, at least with sports! Skyler is done with volleyball and had her last performance for color guard. Way to pull off another year!! 

   Okay…the day you see me in a picture without my right leg bent…you will know I am at 100% hahaNathan also finished up football with a parents verses players night. Parents won and showed no mercy on the 6th graders!

Nathan also finished the season pulling off the last three of the five plays in the last game with a good run of the ball one play, making a tackle another time and for the final play of the game, he recovered a fumble!! So proud of our kids for their hard work! He’s number 28, right in front of number 60 and they are showing off their “Super Bowl” rings😃  

So, no more volleyball and no football…now what? Ha. Kids have been attending a Wednesday night church program locally and all four of them really enjoy it…it also allows Tim and me an hour and a half to ourselves! Something we have been lacking while the kids have been so active with sports! 

Leah also continues to dance and soon we will be having orchestra and band concerts and dance recitals and school programs so maybe things won’t be less crazy 😉 

Enjoy your week and don’t forget to find something in every day, to smile about!

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