That time of year again

Ended up being a pretty quiet rest of the week…and that’s okay by me! Kids got to do some trick or treating down on Main Street Thursday. Once again Leah’s night was complete when she got to see Elsa and Anna!   

 Two of my favorite boys…is Asher not the most adorable Captain America?! Yes, yes he is!!


And when a man handed me this…I said I don’t know who he is but he’s a genius and has my vote 😉  

Saturday we went out for maybe just 30 minutes to do some trunk or treating at a local church. Thankfully no snow and not terribly cold weather so the kids were able to enjoy it!

Sunday we went to church and to Sunday dinner with Tim’s family. Kids had a great time as usual and all was well…until it wasn’t 😳

Leah went with Tim to do chores while Asher came home with me and by the time we got home he had spiked a fever. Ibuprofen and cuddle time. But then…Tim and Leah get home and Leah is holding her ear crying. She has a history of ear infections, however, in the past, the only way we knew she had an infection was if her fever had spiked. Well, no fever tonight but she looked awful! Urgent care, here we come!

Thankfully nobody was waiting so we were able to get in fairly quickly and yep…double ear infection for Leah and ear infection for Asher. Poor kiddos! I’ll take two bottles of amoxicillin please! This is his first ear infection since January when he got the tubes put in and thankfully he does have a follow up this month for his ears so hopefully all will be okay!

I don’t like it when the kids are sick and it is scary when it comes on so fast but it sure is nice to cuddle with my babies who seem to be growing up way too fast😍  So, that was our weekend. Oh wait…and for those who thought I was kidding…I did put up some Christmas decorations today! 😱 

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