Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day

Today Tim and I were able to roadtrip somewhere other than to my doctors in Iowa City and boy were we ecstatic! This is what happens when we get away from hospitals, cows and kids…we act like kids ourselves!!   

We were on our way to Des Moines for my second radio interview to promote my book in efforts of raising awareness for FM. I hope it turns out okay but after my first radio interview, realizing I didn’t explain what fibrosing mediastinitis is, I tried to focus on making sure I did that this time. Unfortunately that threw me completely off and then I scrambled with my words on how to explain what it is without getting so technical, but after that I think it went okay?! It usually takes me a little bit to get warmed up.

Well, and for Tim? Uh, he was taken off guard when they asked him some questions as well. And like the interview for our The Way We Live Award, he froze and did his famous hand against the throat gesture, indicating for us to move on and help him through his awkward rambling. Haha! He did great though and he is by far my biggest supporter! I would not be where I am today without all of his encouragement! 

The interview was for a program called Caffeinated Thoughts which is on a Des Moines local radio station, truth network/99.3 and once we got there I started to get a little nervous.   

But as I sat in the waiting room peace came over me and I knew there was nothing to be anxious about! 

They came and got us and it was go time.    

Even though we stumbled a few times, I think what was most frustrating is the fact that when they asked where to go to learn about this disease or where people can go to help…I had nothing, no one spot to direct them to. Just google it! I mean sure we have our Facebook support group and there are also a few members who have gotten seperate non profit organizations set up to raise money but… where do I direct the public? While I think it’s great that so many of my FM families are trying to raise money and awareness, I also think it’s a challenge because how do we pick just one? Or if we direct people to each organization then it just gets confusing?

I do wish we had one website that could link all of our individual sites, organizations and stories to one place, if that makes sense? I’m glad this question was asked so early on because now I am asking for your help on how to answer it? Here I am begging for awareness yet I can’t direct them where to go specifically to learn more about the disease. So please, I am open to any suggestions. 

If you are not in the Des Moines area and would like to hear the interview, tune into their website at You can catch me at 8am and 6pm this Saturday the 7th.  

I have done a few newspaper articles, I have gotten books into some local bookstores and businesses

but I have always had a tremendous fear of attention on me…I defintely didn’t like speaking in public growing up and cried when my family would sing happy birthday to me because all the focus was on me. 

So please be patient with me as God helps build my confidence in becoming an advocate and speaking on behalf of a disease that affects so few of us. Not to mention, explaining as much as I can in a 10 or 15 minute segment! And surprisingly, the more I do this the more I love sharing my story in hopes to raise awareness for fibrosing mediastinitis and to encourage others to never give up! I love sharing how God has worked amazing blessings through tough circumstances in our lives!

I am just getting started so every interview or newspaper article is an opportunity to learn and grow and get better. By the time Tim gets me to New York I should have it down! Watch out world, the Lalk’s are on a mission😉

Thank you for all of your support and encouraging words throughout this new part of my journey 😊 Have a great weekend!

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