It’s been a while so thought I would do a quick update. 

Over the weekend, Tim was able to get away from his job…for a few hours anyway, and we took a chance on taking Leah and Asher to the Roadhouse. They did absolutely perfect…   

 and we were able to enjoy the food as well!!     

 It was a great weekend and is it possible that our babies are getting old enough where we can return to the world of dining and entertainment with them?!

I was also able to get a day to myself for some Christmas shopping! The alone time was wonderful but at the same time I find myself not being able to concentrate without the chaos of kids trying to throw everything into the cart! But hey, I got some stuff accomplished and I was able to mark some things off my list! 

 Leah and I also had a “twinsie” day as she called it, with our scarves and boots☺️ 
   And then there’s Asher. He has his follow up tomorrow on the tubes in his ears. What is concerning, however, is his raspy voice that he continues to have. Tomorrow the doctor plans to reevaluate his voice tone and we will then go from there. His raspy voice indicated that he may have nodules in his throat which the doctor was hopeful would clear up on their own. But, his voice has not gotten better. 

Unfortunately the only way to know if he does have nodules for sure would be for the doctor to put a tube down his throat to check things out and remove them if need be. Please pray that there will be no concerns for further testing on his throat, and maybe Asher is just meant to have that “cool raspy rocker” voice 😏 

Stay warm out there!!

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